Essential Oils

What would you like to Smell today?

We have over 100 SINGLE NOTE Essential oils to choose.

Synergy Blends Synergy Blends

Synergy Blends

Where 1 + 1 does not equal 2
Blending essential oils to create Helpful, Healthful and Enjoyable Scents.

Kits and Sampler sets

Essential oil Kits and Sets

Perfect for the
Beginner to Advanced
Aromatherapy Enthusiasts

Carrier oil Carrier Oils

Carrier-Fixed Oils

Carrier Oils - See all these beautiful Oils


16 & 32 oz Sizes

Bulk and Larger Sizes

Get Larger Sizes of Carrier oils and Personal Care Products


Massage oils Massage oils

Massage & More - Made "Fresh for You" Blends

We make these products  "Fresh for You" on the day we ship them out.


Aromatherapy Books by Penny and Al Keay

We have a NEW book!

Bottles, Glassware & Blending Supplies

Bottles, Beakers, Jars, Pipettes and more for all your blending needs.

Charts & Decoders

 Handy Aromatherapy Information

Inhalers, Nasal

Deluxe and Plastic styles
to fit all budgets.

Check out our NEW
"Fresh for You"
Scented Nasal Inhalers!!

Diffusers Diffusers


Diffusers are the best way to Smell your essential oils!

We have dozens of diffusers to choose from!


Household Products

Cleaning & Spray Bases, Industrial use products
Unscented & Scented

Personal Care Personal Care

Personal Care Products

Shampoo, Conditioners, Lotions,
Creams  and more.

Clearance Items

10% off the items in Clearance!

We just added MANY new Items in this Category!

Jewelry, Aromatherapy

Terra Cotta, Sterling Silver, Pewter and Handmade Beautiful designs.



Make it-Do it Yourself Kits & Supplies

Kits, Ingredients and Supplies to Make your Own Scented items.

Bath Salts,  Sachets and much more.


Potpourri Fixings

All the Supplies you need to make your own Potpourri's for yourself or to give as gifts,

Or sell at your local craft fairs.

Scented Tarts Scented Tarts

Tarts, Scented & Unscented

 We have Several different scents available!

And of course, Unscented too so you can scent the melted wax as you desire!

Fragrant Fixin's

Fragrant Fixins

Natural Based Aromatic
Fragrance Oils & Essential Oil Blends

Soap Molds & Supplies

Soaps & Supplies

Natural Based Soaps, Melt and Pour Soaps and Molds


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Penny and Al

Your Personal Aromatherapists!


One of our goals is to provide YOU with High quality oils (Click Here for more Info) for use in Therapeutic Aromatherapy at reasonable prices and to provide you with friendly, personal and speedy service . We are always willing to help you and do the best we can to meet your aromatherapy needs.

Our oils are 100% PURE Essential oils!
Natural plant essences - one of nature's gifts to us.

They are the HIGHEST Quality Oils to be used for Therapeutic Aromatherapy.
We have done extensive research to find the suppliers of our oils to make sure we are getting the highest quality products.
Our suppliers buy their oils directly from the distillers and perform all tests (Gas chromatography and Mass Spectrometry plus several more) on them to make sure they are 100% Pure and not adulterated in any way.

All Our oils are tested by Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry and are guaranteed Pesticide and Herbicide Free.

They are true 100% PURE essential oils.

Many are organic, several are Certified Organic.
This way, we know you, Our Customer, will be getting the best Therapeutic oils on the market.

Our large selection of Aromatherapy products include all you need to begin to use aromatherapy in your daily life. From beginner to advanced we are there to help you as you learn about aromatherapy and all that true and pure essential oils can provide for your health.



There you will find almost 1000 webpages of information on the many uses of essential oils including:

Health (Physical, Emotional & Spirtual), Beauty  & Around the House articles, Recipes, Tips and much more.

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