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Enjoy Aromatherapy in your car, truck or other vehicle.

Car Scenter Diffuser
Car Scenter diffuser

The Easiest Car Diffuser


Joy Car Diffuser
Joy Car Diffuser
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Special #2

Car Scenter, pads and
Essential oils!

A $26.64 value for

Special #4

Four Car Scenters with Replacement pads

All for One (You) OR

One for All (your friends!)

A $42.28 value for

Scentball & Car Scenter Pads
Replacement Pads for Scentball/Carscenter

Replacement Pads
for Scent Balls,
Car Scenters

Package of 5

Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC, Oils  Essential, Barnum, MN

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