Easy Breathe Blend

Easy Breathe Blend
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Easy Breathe ™ Blend


A blend of:

eucalyptus radiata, niaouli, ravensara and thyme


Our blend is a combination of essential oils known to help breathing a little easier.


Suggested use
Diffuse into the air using your favorite diffuser or use in a steam room to help releive congestion.


May be helpful for:

Any upper respiratory ailment.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Grace, 03/06/2016

I started using this for my mom when she lived with us. She had mild asthma and Parkinson's Disease and struggled with breathing in the summer and fall months when we would have forest fire smoke in our area. This was the only thing that helped. Now Mom is gone, but when my horses were suffering from the smoke last summer, I remembered our success with Easy Breathe. I rubbed a drop or two in their nostrils a couple times a day and the results were undeniable. Even my skeptical husband admitted the improvement.

Reviewed by Angi, 03/23/2015

LOL Love this blend! I use it on a terracotta disk that I hang over my pillow at night. I breathe easier and sleep better. Such a calming scent as well as clearing the nasal passages.

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