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These beautiful Oil and Tart Warmers will provide you with hours of aromatherapy scenting.

There are many different styles of Essential oil & tart warmers.

We have simple - easy to clean and maintain with a ceramic or glass bowls.  

There are also the  Special Ambience lighting Tart warmers that are be both functional and efficient. 

These can be used for any area of the home or office.  

They use a low watt heating units that are UL listed. Many of these use 15 watts or less of electricity. Since this is a very low temperature it is less likely to harm your precious essential oils.

These new electric diffusers hold more wax (or water) so there is less of a chance for your diffuser to burn dry.

It is recommended to use only Soy-Bees Wax based tarts that melt at low temps.


Butterfly Lavender Candle

Cute Little Lavender Scented
Votive Candle


Floral Lavender Candle

Cute Little Lavender Scented
Votive Candle


Mini Ivory warmer
Mini Ivory Warmer

The Smallest Ceramic Tart Warmer.

Aroma Shell Diffuser
Aroma Shell

Simple essential oil diffuser

Leaves Warmer

These smaller tart warmers take up less table top space and may be better for you to use in smaller rooms or in areas with limited counter top space.

We highly recommend you use an unscented bees wax/soy wax blend tart to use in your diffuser.

You can choose your own essential oils to diffuse.

You simply let the wax melt and add several drops of your favorite essential oils or blends to the surface of the wax. AND ENJOY!

Visit our Tarts page for our selection of Scented Mini Tarts

All of these diffusers plug into wall outlet. Requires a 110-120 Volt Electrical outlet.
This is the type used in the USA and Canada

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