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Terms & Conditions

 Terms & Conditions and Other helpful information
HELPFUL LINKS to FAQ's:  Phone Order | International Orders | Can I Add? | Payments | Shipping | Wrong Items Ordered | Cancel Order | Damaged order | Wrong Items Received | Defective Items | Returns | Refunds | Lost Order | Unscented Products

Ordering - On Line is Quick, Easy and Secure            
The easiest way to order is using our Shopping Cart. It is safe, secure and we get the order within a few minutes.

If you are a New Customer or First Time Order Welcome - CLICK Here for a special Welcome message 

All Pricing on our website are stated in US dollars.
Orders are processed online by our Shopping Carts secure servers. It will process and authorize your order in Real Time.   In other words, when you place an order, we process your credit card immediately.
We then fulfill your order and ship it out to you as soon as possible!  Most orders will be mailed in 1-3 business days.         Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays are not business days.

We send you an e-mail when your order ships. Please make sure your e-mail address is correct!

We Encourage you to use the Safer way to Pay on Line - PayPal!
PayPal Acceptance Mark

We have no minimum order requirements!
We do have a minimum shipping / handling and insurance charges, though so please consider this when ordering.
**If your order is over $350.00 it WILL require a signature at time of delivery by your Post office or UPS.

 Again you have the option of choosing another method of shipping but there will be fees. 

Orders by Phone   

Phone Orders will incur a minimum $5.00 Manual Processing - Handling fee.         
You may prefer to call us and speak to us personally to place your order using your Credit Card.

We encourage you to place your orders online through our Secure Shopping cart.    Then we both get a copy of the order as you have placed it.     It saves us time from manual processing your items.

If you call to place an order by Phone, there is a Manual Processing fee of $5.00 to cover the additional effort and time of manually processing your order and  other additional  fees.   Our website is very secure for your credit card and identity safety. 

Special Note: Phone orders  do not qualify for Free Shipping. 

We are in the office  Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:00 to 4:30  Central time.
We are not in the office on  Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays, or Holidays. 

When you call it is possible You will get our friendly "Receptionist" - Yep - you got it - the 'voice mail'.
So, PLEASE leave daytime phone numbers and we'll call you back as soon as we can.
Just leave the particulars with the "Receptionist" (voice mail).
Talk to you soon!
Al and Penny
Fax 1-218-384-3975

International Orders            

We ONLY accept orders from USA, FPO, APO, and USA Territories

We do not take orders from outside the USA, APO, FPO and It's Territories

Due to Extremely low orders and constant changes in international shipping regulations we are no longer shipping outside of the USA, APO, FPO, and USA Territories  

IF you live in another country BUT have a United States Mailing address - it may be possible to process an order for you. But realize we only ship to United States addresses for this scenario.

Can I Add to my Order?            
Unfortunately NO.   Recent changes in our Credit Card Merchant account won't allow us to add items to an order you have recently placed.

If you have forgotten an item or two, you will need to place another order and unfortunately it will have it's own shipping fees and a unique tracking number.

To Explain: Since our Shopping Cart processes order in "Real time" we are unable to 'add' to an order. New Credit Card Regulations do not allow us to 'reauthorize a larger amount' on an existing order since our Shopping cart already 'authorized' the original order.    Also - each credit card transaction must have it's own unique tracking number so we cannot ship two orders in one package - sorry, but we have to follow 'their' rules.

 Payment Terms           
We accept: Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express &  PayPal 

We Encourage you to use the Safer way to Pay on Line - PayPal!
PayPal Acceptance Mark

The Best way to order and pay is through our ON LINE Shopping Cart.
Orders are processed on a Secure server for your credit card safety!
If your Billing and Shipping addresses are different- Please, simply send us an e-mail and let us know why they are different.

Did you move recently and you haven't changed your banking information? Do you use a PO Box for most of your mail but want this order sent to your Residence or Place of work? Or is it a gift?

Answering these questions makes it easier for us to process your order more quickly.
Other wise for your Credit Card Safety, we reserve the right to ship Orders to correct Billing Addresses.

(Part of the security involves addresses matching your information on file with your Credit Card company!)

Please Review your order and be sure ALL Addresses are correct and up to date.

You are ultimately responsible for reviewing your order. Before submitting your order, Review the items in your cart to assure yourself that you are ordering the correct items and quantities.

Once you have Submitted your Order and received your Receipt - It will have an Order number - Print it out as this is your Receipt and copy of your order. It is your record for future reference.     If this is your first time ordering from us, please double check your information and reply to your e-mailed copy of your order.

Delivery and Shipping            
We begin to processing your order within 1-2 business days with shipment quickly following.

We will ship your order using the Shipping method You choose at the time you Check out.

Double Check the Address you are shipping the order to.   If we cannot get a confirmed address we reserve the right to ship to your billing address.  (see the note below)

You will need to have someone available to accept your package when delivered. 
Any order over $100.00 may require a Signature.  All orders over $300.00 require a signature.

Note:  Occasionally someone will opt to have a package shipped to a 'vacation' address or to a friend.  It is very important that you verify that any address is deliverable by the USPS (US Post Office).  

A street address is NOT always a correct address.  In some small towns or villages, they do not use a street address to deliver mail, the Post Office may only have PO Boxes.   Most packages - unless really heavy are delivered by the Post Office so, please provide a verified Postal delivery address.

We use the US Postal Service or United Parcel Service (UPS) for all our shipping.
Depending on where you live from Minnesota most orders should arrive to you by either method usually within 2-5 days.

You are sent an e-mail with your Delivery Confirmation Numbers or Tracking Numbers at the time we ship your order.

Order shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, the US Virgin Islands, US Territories or APO and FPO orders may take several days longer. They are often checked by Customs before being released for final delivery. Please be patient.

Your order may be shipped by USPS First Class, USPS Priority or UPS Ground – It is our choice.

You will receive an e-mail with Method it was shipped and the Delivery/tracking numbers once the package is shipped.   Please allow 24 hours for the USPS or UPS to have your tracking number updated in their systems. 

First Class mail it should take 3-7 days to reach you;
Priority mail 2-3 days except Hawaii and Alaska and US Territories – 3-5 days;
UPS Ground takes 2-7 business days.

All orders will be insured up to $50.00 or more. 

Signatures are required for all orders over $300.00.

You will need to have someone available to receive your package whether or not a signature is required.  This helps to avoid lost or stolen orders.
Any order over $100.00 may require a Signature.  All orders over $300.00 require a signature.

Orders are processed and shipped in the sequence they are received.


 If you need an Expedited Shipping method – Next Day or Second Day – You have to call us.  There are additional fees associated with this shipping method.  

Leave a message where you can be reached at ALL times.  If not, expedited shipping will not be an option.   Our number - 1-218-384-9294.   We do not play phone tag for Expedited Shipping methods.   

 We try to ship all orders within 24-48 business hours, often times even less.  We have been known to ship out within 2 hours of an order being placed.

During Holiday or special sales orders may take a bit longer but usually not longer than 72 hours.

You will need to have someone available to accept your package when delivered.   ALL EXPEDITED ORDERS  require a Signature.  

We offer  UPS Next day or 2nd Day Air for additional fees.
Restrictions apply. Next Day and 2nd Day air are not always available.
You will need to call for these expedited shipping methods.

 Oops you Ordered too much or discovered something else wrong.            

If you discovered you ordered a wrong item or too many of one item, Please contact us immediately.
We will be more than happy to make a correction in items you ordered as long as you contact us "before" the order processed or has been packaged for shipping or has shipped.
You should call us at 1-218-384-9294 AND send an e-mail us at immediately, otherwise see the Return-Refund Policy below.

If you discovered you Omitted an Item you needed to order - you will need to place another order. 
Please don't call or e-mail about adding any items.  Please place another order.

To Explain: Since our Shopping Cart processes orders in "Real time" we are unable to 'add' to an order. 

New Credit Card Regulations do not allow us to 'reauthorize a larger amount' on an existing order since our Shopping cart already 'authorized' the original order. 

And our Credit Card Processing has strong Security so we see only four digits of your credit card number - we see no other numbers. 

 If you need to Cancel an Order            
If you need to cancel an order PLEASE do so immediately.
Orders can be canceled as long as you contact us "before" the order is shipped.
If you do not want the order you should call us at 1-218-384-9294 AND send an e-mail us at immediately, otherwise see the Return-Refund Policy below.

Damaged Orders
Damage to our packages/items is very rare but in the event that your package has sustained damage - please contact us immediately by e-mail.

Save all packaging materials. We will advise you what to do.

To Expedite your Claim:   Take photos and send them to us as this is required. 

Without Photos the claim will not be able to be processed.  And you may have to assume the loss.

The sooner we get the photos - the sooner replacements can be sent as we do need proof of the damage to start any type of a claim. 

Sorry, but your "word" won't work for insurance purposes - they require photos.

Sending us a digital photo(s) helps us assess and process the damage claim much faster. 

And we will most likely not have to have you send any thing back to us.  Take PHOTOS of the BOX Inside and Out and all the contents - THIS IS A MUST and is required by both the USPS and UPS for claims.   DO NOT THROW anything away until advised.

Please contact us within 5 days of receiving your order (for insurance purposes).    USPS Priority Packages and UPS have insured your package. 

USPS First Class packages are insured by a third party. If your package was shipped by USPS First Class YOU have to contact us. 

IF the package was shipped by USPS PRIORITY or UPS you MAY need to Contact your local Post Office or UPS.    We can help you to file the claim. 

CLAIMS: Our responsibility for the shipment of merchandise ends when the Package is accepted by the carrier (USPS or UPS). Please note that you will need to make a claim with them within 5 days after your receipt of the merchandise, after which, the merchandise will be deemed accepted.

If your order sustains ANY kind of OUTER packaging damage you will need to contact the appropriate shipper.

Please Contact us prior for additional information they may require. Claims made after this time period (5 days) will not be honored.    It is your responsibility to inspect your shipment immediately upon receipt of, and prior to any use of the merchandise.

IF an Item is broken or damaged and you need it for a project, we suggest you place another order while the Claim is settled with the Insured party (USPS Priority or UPS) while you await reimbursement.  For First class Packages our third party processor may take 30 days or more to pay claims.

Missing or Wrong Items Sent            
Likewise if you have an ordered item that is missing or were sent the wrong item, please contact us within 5 days of receiving the order.

Please Note that it would be extremely rare for us to miss an item. Alan and Penny are the only ones that work here and one of us puts up the orders, one of us double checks the orders. So it is extremely rare for us to make an error.

Please if you are missing an item contact us immediately!!!

We are human and could make a mistake, but it is extremely rare, with the system we have in place for fulfilling orders.

Defective item            
Please notify us within 5 days of delivery if you have a defective product.
If the product is defective you may have to send it back to us, we will advise you how to do this, if necessary.

Please contact us as soon as possible as most Diffusers have only a 30 day warranty from date of purchase.

Do NOT throw anything away, as the manufacturer may need to have you return it to us.

The manufacturer will be notified of the defective item and will let us know what we need to do too.   Once we know, we will let you know. 

Replacements are sent for Defective items as soon as we receive the defective unit.      Items need to be returned to us within 30 days of Purchase. 
If you request a refund it is issued as an "In House Credit only".


Returns: Guidelines & Conditions
If you need to return something to us please contact us within 5 days of the delivery date!

If it's beyond that time frame - we are sorry but we have set these policies in place.

If you return the product without contacting us No Refunds will be given.
We do not accept returns after the  5 days from delivery.  So do not delay if you need to return a qualifying item.

The product must be in 100% resaleable condition. There is a restocking fee of 25%.    

Exceptions to the above guidelines may apply.  You must contact us via e-mail.

No refunds on shipping fees.  Return fees are your responsibility.

***As is industry standard and also our policy, the following items are not returnable or refundable.

(Please continue to Read about our Guidelines and Conditions).
Bottles of Essential oils & Synergy blends - are not returnable / nonrefundable.
Also Base Products (shampoos, conditioner, lotions, soaps), Bar soaps, Carrier oils and Massage oil blends -
are not returnable/nonrefundable - as we cannot guarantee purity for these products to be resold.

If you are not sure that you will like an oil, or a base product, please purchase a small quantity before ordering larger amounts (Ingredients are listed for the personal care base products - please check these to determine if you might have a problem with an ingredient before ordering as these products are not returnable/nonrefundable.)

Essential oils, Synergy Blends, Carrier oils and the majority of our Personal care products are made from Nature's precious commodities. Since we cannot resell returned goods and we do not wish to waste these Natural Resources we ask that you Please try a small bottle prior to purchasing in large sizes.

If you are unable to use the product we hope you can find someone that can use it. Please don't waste the bounty that Nature has so kindly provided us. 

As is industry standard and also our policy, Essential Oils, Synergy Blends, Carrier oils and fixed oils, emulsifiers, waxes, Personal care products scented or unscented and several other products are not returnable nor refundable.

If you USE a diffuser it is not returnable nor refundable.

Most (but not all) REFUNDS are issued as an "In House Credit".  Refunds are only issued within 30 days of purchase.
(We can Credit your Credit card within 30 days, otherwise it may be an in house credit or rewards points added to your account.)
Please contact us by e-mail before returning any item(s). Contact about returns need to be made within 10 days of the Delivery date. And if your return is accepted, items need to be returned to us within 30 days of purchase.

The product must be in 100% resaleable condition. There is a restocking fee of 25%.
No refunds on shipping fees.  Return fees are your responsibility.   Exceptions may apply.

You can opt for an "In House credit" good towards your next purchase provided returned items 100% resaleable condition. 

"In House Credits" must be used within 6months from date of issue. 

If this is your first order OR if you are an in frequent purchaser as indicated by your order history we may refund your credit card minus any restocking fees. 

Please note - Essential oils, Synergy Blends, Carrier oils, Massage oils and Personal Care Base Products are not returnable/nonrefundable.
USED PRODUCTS will be assessed a restocking fees based on resale condition of items returned to us.
If the item is not resaleable no credit will be given.

IF a diffuser has been used - it is not returnable nor refundable.   If it is defective see above.
Remember we cannot take back Essential oils, Synergy Blends, Carrier oils, Massage oils or Personal care base products as we cannot guarantee purity for items to be resold. These items are not returnable/ non-refundable.

Once again - Bottles of Essential oils, Synergy Blends, Carrier oils, Massage oils, Bar soaps and Personal Care Base Products are not returnable/nonrefundable (no in house credit will be issued) as we cannot guarantee purity for it to be resold.

If you are not sure that you will like an oil, or Personal Care base product, Please purchase a small quantity before ordering larger amounts OR be prepared to find someone that can use the items you purchased.

Refused orders:
Orders that are Refused at time delivery & returned to us,  and you did not contact us - will not be issued a refund.   An "In House Credit" available for 6 months will be issued, after Restocking and shipping fees have been deducted.

If your order is lost - in other words - the tracking information does not say that it was delivered - then you need to Click here and read the information about Lost Packages. 

UNSCENTED PRODUCTS and those with Sensitive Sense of Smell


IF you have a SUPER Nose for scents – Please Read.

The Product you order has NOT had any scenting added by us, or the manufacturer.  There may be an Inherent Odor due to the ingredients used to manufacture the product.  No one can control that.   i.e. The Citric Acid used to balance the pH of some products may make the product smell like citrus - lemony. 

However, our Main Business is Aromatherapy and we provide Unscented Base products for customers to scent themselves.

Our Business does have natural Essential oil molecules that are in the air at our facility.  Even though we keep the unscented products in a separate room away for the essential oils, Essential oils are strong scents and can permeate our whole building.  We, ourselves cannot smell them, as we are very accustomed to the scents.    

It is possible you smell the packaging.  IF you smell something, we are not adding anything – you just have a SUPER Nose and smell some of the ‘stray’ essential oil molecules that may have permeated the outer surface of the bottles or packaging materials.

If, Scents are a problem:  You should probably not buy from us unless you are willing to accept the possibility the packaging may have a scent and cause a problem.   Remember our main business is Aromatherapy.  

We do not add scenting to any of the unscented products. 

People with super sensitive smelling will usually be able to smell something when ordered from us.    

Personal care, Unscented products, Essential oils are not returnable, nor refundable.

Thank You for your Understanding and your Business