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About Us

About Us - Who is Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC

First, We want to thank you for visiting our pages. We are glad you are interested in Aromatherapy, one of the nicest complementary health fields.

Although you may hear it as an Alternative health field we prefer the terminology, COMPLEMENTARY.

Why? We are not here to replace your medical care - rather we are here to help enhance or complement it. Aromatherapy can make one feel better - physically, mentally and emotionally, and that in itself can help you heal yourself from within! As you search, learn and receive benefits from this ancient form of healing, please feel free to write us with your questions.

We are a small company - Just Al and Penny.

Yep, we are what they call a "Mom and Pop Shop".

Since 1997, Together, we "work" the business. We are the ordering department, the packaging and shipping department and all the other departments a small business needs. We have fun doing it all!!

We LOVE to give the Personal touch (as many of you know when you have e-mailed us or talked with us on the phone. )

We are every day folks - just like yourself! We treat you - how we would expect to be treated too!

Alan studied aromatherapy through the Australasian College of Herbal Studies. This course has a tough regimen and is considered to be one of the Top Three Schools in the USA for Aromatherapy. It is now called the "American College of Health Care Sciences".

He will gladly and promptly get you an answer for any question or concern you may have about the use of essential oils. If you would like to you can Contact him & e-mail him your questions.

Penny, is the website designer, among many other things. She has been designing webpages for several years now and thoroughly enjoys the creation of the pages. She also helps with advertising and web promotion.

Penny received her certification in Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy in May, 2008.  The course - Medical Aromatherapy Training Services in the UK. A very serious course of study in the medical aspects of the use of essential oils for therapeutic aromatherapy.  

She enjoys all the therapeutic qualities of the oils as they keep her alert and when done working on the "net", help her to relax. She knows first hand the benefits of Aromatherapy! She is always learning and studying aromatherapy too.

When Alan and Penny first became interested in Aromatherapy there were very few local (if you call 30 miles away local) places to purchase essential oils (and those they did find were of poor quality). After much thought and many hours and months of research we decided to start our own Aromatherapy, Essential Oils and Supplies Business.

Again after much research, we have found suppliers for some of the highest quality oils available today. The oils we sell meet with the highest standards available for quality and purity. Rest assured the oils we sell are of the highest quality oils and are free from adulterations. (For answers about the many questions asked of us about the quality of our oils click here.)

For you, our customer, we have done much of the hard work. The oils and supplies we sell are of the highest quality, and 100% Pure essential oils.

So please, consider us for your future purchases of Aromatherapy, Essential oils and other supplies.

After working 20 years in an area hospital (in surgery) and 5 1/2 years at the University of Minnesota Duluth - Facilities Management, (He made the floors Beautiful!) and with our Aromatherapy business now consuming more time than Al had to give. He left the University on December 30, 2005.

Alan now works many hours each day answering aromatherapy questions by e-mail and by phone. Not to mention all the orders he puts up, printing, restocking and the list continues.

Previously, Penny worked at a local small animal Veterinary Clinic as an Animal Health Technician and Receptionist.  She "retired" from the Veterinary field in June 2004 (after 30 years) and is working and writing about  Aromatherapy. She has created and is writing many aromatherapy recipes, assembling them in helpful books.


Recently was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (June 2018), having completed chemotherapy, is showing no evidence of disease, so she will continue to pursue her desire to write a ‘real novel’.    If you or you know someone that has questions on ovarian cancer have them contact Penny.


Besides our interests in Aromatherapy: 

Al loves to read books, golf, and fishing. Penny loves surfin' the Internet, her dogs, and books. 


Together we love watching movies (at home), playing games, going shopping (yep, Penny has the rare husband that loves shopping!), camping in our Geo-Pro Travel trailer - camper, hiking and just sitting out on our back or front decks (in the summer of course) & enjoying the peace and quiet we have out where we live in Northeastern Minnesota. (I'm not sure about the quiet - have you any idea what the birds sound like all year round).

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about us and our aromatherapy business. Penny and Al











AIA  -  Alliance of International Aromatherapists &
  Members of National Association for Holisitic Aromatherapy since 1999

Members of National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists


Not necessarily in any particular order - Just some good reasons.

  1. Essential oils are for use in Therapeutic Aromatherapy - not just for room scenting.
    Our oils are tested by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry along with several other tests to assure us and our customers that you are getting True and Pure Essential oils that are pesticide and herbicide-free and free from any other contaminants. That you can use them with confidence.
  2. Great Pricing
    We believe in fair market pricing. We know what we need to profit to stay in business, but also believe markup should not be exorbitant. So many companies are out to make a quick buck and are over pricing their products. NOT US!! We feel our pricing is reasonable and fair.
  3. Fast Processing and Shipping
    We ship out your orders as quickly as possible. Orders placed by 10:00 AM in our Central time zone are almost always shipped the same day. Of course, we don't ship out on weekends, but if your order comes in Monday through Friday, rest assured it is shipped out ASAP. 
  4. Personalized service
    Since it's just Al and Penny that work here, we try to make everything we do express a personal touch. We sign our invoices with a short personal note. Each e-mail is signed with our name.  
    We want you to feel that we care and that we are not hiding behind some "company name" pretending to be something we are not. 
    We want you to feel like your neighborhood shop, where you get to know the owner on a "first" name basis.
  5. Questions answered in a timely fashion
    We try to get you an answer as quickly as possible. When you send an e-mail, Al will normally answer you within 24 hours and if we need to do some research we will still answer and ask for a couple of days to get your answer (but not on weekends as we do need a little time off). Phone calls are returned ASAP too, but again, not on weekends.
  6. Large selection of Aromatherapy supplies
    We call ourselves the "ONE STOP AROMATHERAPY SHOP"! As we try to have a large selection of just about everything someone would need in the line of aromatherapy supplies. If you can't find something or need something special, just e-mail us and we can see what we can find for you.
  7. Small Company with high standards 
    Since it's just Al and Penny that run Birch Hill Happenings and it's our name and reputation at stake, we have set our standards high for everything in our business. We want our customers to be very happy with our products and services.
  8. We treat you how we would want to be treated
    We have always believed you should treat everyone how you want to be treated, no matter what. If everyone in the world thought about it and treated each other with more respect, this world wouldn't have so many troubles.
  9. Friendly and Knowledgeable
    When you talk to us or we correspond by e-mails you will quickly find out that we talk and write with a "smile" on our face. We are attentive to your questions and try to get you an answer as fast as possible.
  10. We truly LOVE Aromatherapy and Love helping people
    We have a very large aromatherapy reference library that is constantly enlarging. If we don't have an answer for you right away, we will try to get back to you with in a day or two, once we've done a little research.

Al and Penny really love working with aromatherapy, if we didn't, do you think we would still be studying and in business since in the mid 1990's?

We have always loved helping people. We love sharing what we know. Maybe, just maybe, it will make your life a little bit better! or even just smell a little better. Or someone you love a little healthier and happier too.

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Together we love watching movies (at home), playing games, going shopping (yep, Penny has the rare husband that loves shopping!), camping in our Geo-Pro Travel trailer - camper, hiking and just sitting out on our back or front decks (in the summer of course) & enjoying the peace and quiet we have out where we live in Northeastern Minnesota. (I'm not sure about the quiet - have you any idea what the birds sound like all year round).