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Air Freshen to Concentration Blends

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Air Freshen | Allergy Tamer |Anxiety Stop | Auntie Em | Sleep Like a Baby |Beautiful | Bedtime Bliss | Brain Energy| Calming | Celebration | Christmas Morning | Citrus | Concentration

When essential oils are mixed or blended, the mix is stronger than the sum of the individual oils by themselves, they are said to be "Synergistic"!

The oils selected for each of the blends below provide added benefits for your health and well being.

ONLY 100% Pure Essential Oils are used to make these Blends!

Air Freshen™ Blend
Air Freshen Blend

Is light and refreshing.
Helps to remove odors.

Starting At $11.69
Allergy Tamer ™ Blend
Allergy Tamer Blend

This blend was created to help with your allergies.

Starting At $30.39
Anxiety Stop™ Blend
Anxiety Stop Blend

A wonderful anti-anxiety & panic relieving blend.

Starting At $34.99
Auntie Em ™ Blend
Auntie Em Blend

Pain got you down?  A 'loving Aunt' to give some comfort!
Comparable to "M-GrainTM"

Starting At $28.99
Sleep like a Baby Bliss
Baby Bliss Blend

NOW called



Starting At $13.69
Beautiful™ Blend
Beautiful Blend

This floral blend will make anyone feel Beautiful!

Starting At $21.99
Bedtime Bliss™ Blend
Bedtime Bliss Blend

Enjoy this blend as you gently drift off to sleep.

Starting At $17.99
Brain Energy™ Blend
Brain Energy Blend

A  powerful mind energizer!
Comparable to
"Brain PowerTM"

Starting At $29.99
Calming Blend

OUR MOST Popular Blend! 
This special blend will help to calm you.

Starting At $21.79
Celebration  Blend
Celebration Blend

Let's Party!!

Starting At $11.89
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning

Yep, that's what this Scent reminds you of!

Starting At $13.99
Citrus Blend
Citrus Blend

Light and refreshing citrus oils.

Starting At $7.89
Concentration   Blend
Concentration Blend

Need help to focus and concentrate?

Starting At $11.89

These Synergy Blends are made with  100% Pure Essential oils for use in Therapeutic aromatherapy. 

Please send us an e-mail if you are not sure what all of these Synergy Blends can be used for, for your health and well-being.

Please order 5ml sizes if you are unsure you will like an oil or blend.
You may want to purchase some droppers or pipettes for use with smaller bottles.
Please order 5 ml sizes if you are unsure you will like an oil or blend. Not all oils are available in all sizes. 

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