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Wall Charts

Aromatherapy Wall Chart
Advanced Aromatherapy Wall Chart
Essential oil Wall Chart
Reflexology Wall Chart
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Wall Charts
Charts to help you understand the wide variety of Essential Oils and their many uses!

These all have many recipes for experimenting in blending your own oils.

Wall Charts are 13" X 18" laminated posters form.

Aromatherapy Wall Chart:

Discover the benefits of Aromatherapy using this Wall Chart.

It discusses 36 essential oils and teaches you about the properties, what the oils can do for you, how to use them, the botanical name, how to blend and any warnings.

Some of the applications of Essential oils as used in baths, massage, vaporization (diffusion) and more

Advanced Aromatherapy Wall Chart

The Advanced Aromatherapy Wall Chart lists 94 different uses in categories related to Illness (coughs, colds, burns and more), Work (memory, stress, creativity and more), Body care (foot odor, shampoo, rinses, lip balms and more), Home (carpet cleaning, disinfectant, kitchen, air freshener and more), Animal (dog breath, insect repellent and more) and Fun (potpourri's and perfumes).

Essential oil  Wall Chart

The Essential oil Wall Chart goes into detail on 25 oils, some of them are the same as on the Mini Chart and again it has the same things as the other wall chart - botanical name, the properties (antiseptic, anti-fungal, skincare, etc), treatment (acne, insomnia, infections etc), how to use them (massage, inhalation, compress, bath etc), what the oils blend well with and if there is any warning for the oil - only in smaller print It also shows the part of the plant they come from, tree, leaf, flower etc

Reflexology Wall Chart

The Reflexology Wall Chart shows many "points" of contact on both the hands and feet. Gives description of areas each point affects.

NOTE: These may be shipped separately from the rest of your order due to the unusual size and packaging requirements.

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