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Anxiety Stop Blend

Anxiety Stop™ Blend
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Anxiety Stop™ Essential oil Blend

A blend of: Neroli, Vanilla, Geranium, Rosewood, Ylang-ylang, Frankincense & Rose.

Are you nervous, anxious or filled with panic?

This blend is filled with wonderful anti-anxiety and panic relieving essential oils.

This blend is very floral yet grounding. It makes a easy to wear perfumery scent. Easily worn as a perfume.

It is best used by putting a few drops in a Personal inhaler and inhaling as needed or desired. Or worn as a perfume or in a piece of Aromatherapy Jewelry.

To make this blend more acceptible for a man that is stressed, you may want to add Bay Rum, Spruce needle, Juniper berry, Cedarwood or Sandalwood. Adjust these as needed to compliment the florals.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Rhonda M, 07/10/2023

This Anxiety Stop is amazing! The rose goes straight to my heart and calms it immediately. Then within the next minute my body has a big sign of relief and the tension leaves. My husband loves it just the way it is and wants his own bottle so he can diffuse it while he is navigating through our horrible traffic. Thank you for this amazing stuff!!

Reviewed by Stacey N, 10/26/2021

I received my package today and this is the first oil I opened and added to a personal inhaler. It smells beautiful. I ordered it because I recently lost my precious miniature dachshund, a constant companion of mine for many years. It is very comforting and soothing. I can imagine many uses for this essential oil blend. I’ve been ordering from Penny and Al off and on for years and have been extremely pleased with every aspect of their business. Thank you! 

Reviewed by Darcy D, 05/09/2020

This blend helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life.  I would highly recommend it for anyone dealing with stress or anxiety. 

Reviewed by G.Well , 08/02/2016

I love this stuff! I made a perfume oil in a rollerball and carry it with me everywhere. I've found very quick relief when I'm working and under pressure or just need to relax at home.

Reviewed by Nibbs , 10/25/2014

This blend is a life saver! I've suffered from anxiety & a few panic attacks over the past 4 years and I had a bad reaction to antidepressants. I ordered this blend over a year ago & use it often, it works wonders. With the help of vitamins, herbal remedies & Anxiety Stop blend, I am able to manage the episodes well. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Reviewed by Jami R, 04/08/2014

I have severe anxiety, agoraphobia, and suffer from ptsd. I recently weaned off my medication because it wasn't helping and I don't like putting chemicals into my body. I was honestly skeptical if this blend would help due to the severity of my condition. I put a couple drops on a terra cotta diffuser that is on a necklace and wear it all day long. I usually have around 5-6 full on panic attacks every day - but I didn't even have one while wearing the diffuser. When I felt myself starting to get anxious, I held the diffuser closer to my nose and inhaled a few times and it helped control my nervousness. I had only purchased the sample to see if it would help - I am purchasing a bigger bottle next time because it works!

Reviewed by Colette , 02/06/2014

I received my package in the mail today. I am so happy to have purchased the wonderfully scented anxiety stop blend with an inhaler. Thank you for including vanilla in this blend, it is important to me and seems rare to find! Thank you so much for this blend, your store, fast shipping and the great newsletter.

Reviewed by R. M, 08/27/2013

I suffer from anxiety disorder, which causes everything from nervousness, tension, to full blown anxiety attacks. If you've ever had an anxiety attack, you know how difficult it can be to regain yourself. Anxiety Stop, diffused into the room, has reduced my issues considerable. It has even stopped an attack in process. I can't recommend this product enough for anyone just wanting a little more calmness in their day.

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