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Aroma Beads

Colored Aroma Beads
Aroma Beads in an Organza bag
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AROMA BEADS - Unscented

1 oz by weight approximately 1/4 cup by volume.
The Aroma beads come packaged in a zip lock bag. .

Aroma Beads are clear in color.
They can be colored using various types of candle dyes, if desired.  (Do not use food colors.)

They will absorb the color from essential oils. Such as Orange essential oil may turn them a lovely yellow orange color.

Once scented, the Aroma Beads can be used in any open dish and other Potpourri dish.
These are PERFECT in an Organza bag. 

You can quickly and easily change the scenting in any room or area as desired.

You can use them to scent the room as you vacuum. Simply toss a few on the rug or carpet - let sit for a few minutes and easily vacuum. None of the accumulated powdery mess like when baking soda or other powdered carpet fresheners are used to refresh the carpet.

When used in an open dish - place in a warm place to help the scent permeate the room.

Scented Aroma Beads can easily be rescented. Return them to a glass Jar and add several drops of essential oils or synergy blend and tightly cover. Shake well and let sit for 24 hours. The Scented Aroma Beads are able to be reused as many times as you would like.

These Aroma beads (and Fiber Bits too) are great to place in any Glass or Ceramic Votive. The filled votive can be discreetly featured in any window ledge such as in the bathroom or other sunny room.

They can also be hidden inside a linen closet to scent towels and linens softly. Place your scented Aroma beads in a cotton muslin bag or Organza Bag (order empty ones below) and toss in any dresser drawer or hang from the closet rod or hanger inside any closet.  For a Helpful article about using Aroma Beads for Spring Cleaning - Okay for scenting of your Clothes or Closets. See our Spring Cleaning Article Click Here for the article and several recipes.

Aroma Beads can easily be rescented. Place them in a covered Glass Jar and add several drops of essential oils or synergy blend and tightly cover. Shake well and let sit for 24 hours. The Aroma Beads will be ready very quickly.

The Aroma beads should NOT BE USED IN ANY HEATING DEVICE. The heat may cause the plastic aroma beads to melt and stick together.

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