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Aroma Pearl

Aroma Pearl
Aroma Pearl with cover off
Aroma Pearl Base
Aroma Pearl with Circular pad
Aroma Pearl Battery compartment
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The Aroma Pearl Battery operated Fan Diffuser with AC Adaptor included.

We hope to have more when supply chain issues are resolved from the pandemic causing delays.

They are approximately 4 ¼” in diameter and 3 1/2“ height.    

This is a very handy battery (not included) or AC adapter (included) powered portable aromatherapy diffuser.

It is small and quiet for use in a bedroom, work space or in other rooms of the home, office or while traveling.

As everyone knows diffusing essential oils in your environment will provide a wonderful healthy benefit of using aromatherapy.

Just apply a few drops of essential oil to the pad and simply plug in the included special AC Adaptor.   Or uses 2 AA batteries (not included).

We tested the Aroma Pearl using the batteries and ran it continuously until the batteries failed at about 36 hours.  Most folks would not run this diffuser like that, so, the batteries would definitely last much longer.

It comes with 5 pads.  More available.   

A pad can be used for many essential oil applications or may be replaced when you would like to use different oils or blends.  Simply place your used pad in a zip-lock bag and label it for future use.

A nearly silent fan diffuses your scenting using your choice of pure essential oil.

 It uses 2 AA batteries (not included) for those that are traveling (especially if traveling abroad, where electrical power is at a different value.)

These little Aroma Pearl diffusers are great and can be used in the car, at your desk, in your hotel room or beside your bed on your nightstand.

 FYI – We tested this awesome diffuser here to see how long a set of batteries would last.    We were amazed, as the partly used batteries that we tested – lasted a full 36 hours   We turned the unit on and left it running to see how long it would keep the fan running.     We were so surprised as other battery operated diffusers will barely last 24 hours.

Simply open up the diffuser using the little tab.   Simply add 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oil or oils (adjust according to your needs, the essential oils used and the area you will be using)  replace the top/cover to reassemble the diffuser. 

Turn on using the on - off button. 

This unit has a single speed fan. It can be run using AA batteries (not included).   To use the diffuser with batteries you will simply open the Bottom of the diffuser - again, there is a little 'push' button to open up the battery compartment.   Follow the inside directions for proper placement of the batteries.   Reassemble and turn on!

Included is an AC Adapter so you can plug it into the wall. .

This diffuser would be a very handy diffuser for use in Hospitals room and other Medical Facilities or where personal diffusing is desired.  

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