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Aromatherapy Lapel Dots

Lapel Dots Package
Lapel Dots apply
Lapel Dots on underside of collar
Lapel Dots on robe
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SKU: Lapel Dots
Maximum Quantity: 30


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Aromatherapy Lapel Dots TM

Package of 10 dots.

The Lapel dots TM are a unique way to use essential oils and aromatherapy that is very personal.

Sold in Packages of 10 'dots' with a fine tipped pipette included.

LIMIT 25 packages per order.  (if you need more than that, please send an email - Thanks)


This method of diffusing is helpful for use when you want or need to use essential oils in your own personal space for a 3-4 hour (or longer) period of time.  This method can be used so you will not be bothering others around you with other types of diffusers.

Simply apply by peeling off the protective backing from the ‘sticky’ side of the Lapel dot TM.   Stick onto a collar (underside will work) or lapel or upper portion of your blouse or shirt.

THEN Apply ONLY ONE drop of essential oil using the included fine tipped pipette.   One drop from the fine tipped pipette is plenty – we know, we have tried one drop and two drops.  Two drops are overwhelming for any length of time.   

Do not use a drop directly out of a euro dropper bottle.  That is too much essential oil and the adhesive may loosen.

The one drop of essential oil from the fine tipped pipette will provide scenting for you or your client at low diffusion. 

The Lapel Dots TM allows you to enjoy any scent, such as your favorite.  If you need a particular essential oil for specific health or emotional purpose, using the Lapel Dots TM will be both cost effective and discreet. 

These are better than just ‘pinning’ a cotton ball on your shirt, robe or pajamas or trying to figure out how to keep essential oils close to you.

Nursing Care, Emergency rooms, X-ray, CAT Scans and MRI facilities are other areas where these may be very helpful for individual residents and patients.

Apply the Lapel Dot TM, a drop of oil (Lavender is always a good choice.) and give the patient about 10 minutes as they slowing inhale the volatile essential oil vapors.   For many folks they will begin to calm or relax within just those few minutes.

Yes, essential oils work rather quickly. 

Simply remove the ‘dot’ and toss in the garbage when you no longer need to continue smelling the essential oils.  

Although these will stay adhered for several applications of essential oils – provided you only apply ONE DROP every few hours.  Essential oils are very potent solvents for adhesives.  If you apply too much oil (more than 1 drop every 4 hours), the adhesive may begin to deteriorate and the Lapel Dot TM may become loose.   Remove the loose ‘dot’ and start with a new one – remember to apply less oil, less often.   In Aromatherapy,  MORE is NOT better.

If at any time you feel nauseated, develop a headache or other symptoms you cannot attribute to anything else, you may need to discontinue use of essential oils or use for much shorter duration.   Most of the time you do not need to diffuse essential oil for longer than 20-30 minutes for one setting.  You can use them longer if you want, provided you are continuing to benefit from their use.

Do not forget to remove the Lapel Dot TM before laundering your clothing, as the felt and the ‘sticky pad’ could be damaging to your washer and dryer.  

Keep out of the reach of Small Children and Pets.  

Sold in Packages of 10 Aromatherapy Lapel Dots TM with Complementary Pipette for adding ONE drop only to the felt pad.

Limit of 25 Packages per customer order.



  • Easy to use (All testers told us this!)
  • Remove from clothing easily, so you can move it to different clothing items for a few times before the 'sticky back' fails.
  • Work well in my pillow (2 testers told us this)  
  • Multiple use
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use attached to the gown by nursing staff used for anxiety and nausea (pre and post surgery)
  • Patients liked them

From Cornellius - I put the small dot on a warm up jacket I wear everyday (going on fours days now) and add a drop of lavender and I get the benefits all day long 

From Angela - They used a couple on patients pre and post surgery. They were convenient and easy to use attached to the gown by nursing staff for use with anxiety and nausea. Patients liked them too. The only negative was that staff had to take time to put the oil on by locating the essential oils at the nursing station. Easy fix to create a kit for each station. 

From Allison - I thought the dots were easy to use and stayed in place all day -- I do not wear many collared shirts so I put the dots on the edge of my top or sweater and my hair hid it. I wore one a day for three days.  The dots were easy to remove and I have recycled them -- one in my pets area one in my night stand. I thought the dots were very easy to use and I may purchase some for traveling. 

From Sue - Hi just wanted to let you know how well the Lapel dots worked:  I used them twice for well over 5 hours each.  I used Pure Cleansing and I enjoyed them very much. 
They were very easy to use and stayed secure the whole time (over 5 hours easily).  They removed very easily.  They did a great job of dispersing at just the right level.  I only used one drop and it certainly lasted the whole time without it being overwhelming.  This is a product I would buy and use often especially when flying or traveling.  Was very happy with them.  Thank you. 

Plastic fastener attachment.  They come unattached from the fastener very easily.  (tester comment)
(NOTE from Penny and Al : this only should happen when too much essential oil has been applied - all essential oils will destroy adhesives).

Nursing Supervisor - Staff had to take time to put the oil on by locating the essential oils at the nursing station. Easy fix to create a kit for each station.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Sally , 02/07/2014

I wear it when going to garage sales, shopping, at church, at Youth Group, being with my grand kids and just being at home doing all the many projects there. It just brought my oil use to a whole new level. Love them!

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