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Can Essential oils help when you live in an area where Ticks abound?

Can Essential oils help when you live in an area where Ticks abound?

Deer TickThese little annoying insects are found throughout the world.  There are several hundred varieties (species) found everywhere around the world.  Ticks are hitchhikers and if there are birds or other warm-blooded animals, ticks can be found on them. If those animals migrate, the ticks travel along too.   Even Antarctica has ticks!

 Almost all ticks are hatched without carrying any disease but all they have to do, and that they will do it, is eat a blood meal from an infected animal.  Once infected the tick can spread the diseases to any future victim where they will be getting their next meal.

The number one way to prevent getting any of these tick borne diseases is to KEEP them OFF you and your family. 

Essential oils to the rescue, when it comes to repellents, that is!   

Ticks it seems do not like certain essential oils.  Geranium is one of the most common ones, but there are others.   

Palmarosa, Amyris, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Citronella, Eucalyptus Lemon (citriodora) and possibly others can be mixed with carrier oils such as Fractionated Coconut oil and applied to the skin (if properly diluted to 3% or less) or to clothing, shoes, socks (at higher dilutions).    Fractionated coconut and MCT (medium chained triglyceride) oil are thin enough that it can actually be sprayed through fine mist sprayers.

Keeping the ticks from biting and attaching for any length of time is the goal. 

Don’t rely solely on any tick repellent.  You need to do a physical body check each and every time you spend time outdoors. 

First, wear light colored clothes; tuck in your pants into the top of your socks.  This helps to prevent the ticks from crawling inside your pant legs and attaching to your legs and groin.   Thoroughly check the scalp, look for them behind the ears and everywhere.

IF you find an attached tick, use a tweezer to scoot up close to the mouthparts, quickly grasp the head, and gently pull the tick out.  See the CDC website ( current as of May 2017) for the correct method for removing ticks safely.

WARNING: DO NOT SQUEEZE the body.  Moreover, DO NOT put any essential oil or other chemical to make the tick ‘back out’.   Anyone telling you to do so is putting you at potential risk of getting a tick borne illness.

Squeezing the ticks body or forcing it to ‘back out’ could result in the tick expelling it’s potentially infective saliva into the bite wound thereby giving you or your family member a good chance of contracting one of those nasty tick borne diseases.

Remember though, not every tick will carry the most common tick borne disease of Lyme, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis, Babsiosis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. 

You do need to be aware that these tick borne diseases do exist and if you get sick within a few hours to a few weeks after being bitten by a tick you do need to seek professional medical intervention.

Some of these diseases are serious not only in the short term but also in to the future.    Although essential oils can help you build a strong immune system, these diseases are no match for trying to use essential oils to help fight them.   Most all the time you will need a course of specialized antibiotics to help you get well.

Here in Minnesota, we have had several members in our family and neighborhoods become infected with Lyme, Babsiosis, Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichiosis.   Therefore, we take ticks serious here. 

We check ourselves every day when we have been outdoors.  Even in mowed grass, some ticks will still hide waiting to hitch a ride on your shoe.   When we are hiking in the deep brush-filled woods, we use repellents sprayed on pant legs, shoes, socks and if cool enough – a light colored light weight long-sleeved shirt.  

Even with all these pre-cautions, our son got Lyme disease (most likely at summer camp where he really didn’t have anyone to do Tick checks).  He had the telltale ‘bullseye’ target rash so there was no need to test.   Unfortunately, we did not catch it until he was very sick (due to summer camp).  Back in 1990, they didn’t treat Lyme disease as vigorously as they do now, so unfortunately for him, he may be plagued with flare-ups for his entire life.


So Prevent Ticks from crawling on you.  Use clothing and repellents.  Personally for  our own use we have, just ever used our Bug Off Spray, sprayed on our shoes, socks and pant legs.  Keeps the ticks off and flying insects from bugging us too. 

Here is a Recipe for a Tick Repellent based on the most recent research for essential oils that appear to be the best deterrent to keeping ticks away.  

Just remember the best tick repellent in the world is only a helpful aid to keeping them off, it is not a 100% guarantee it will keep all ticks away.  

Essential oils based repellents do not last for hours upon hours.  You will need to reapply them every 2-3 hours while you are in the outdoors.

Keeping the Ticks Away Repellent Blend for clothing

Geranium -  2ml
Palmarosa - 2ml
Cedarwood - 1 1/2ml
Vetiver - 1/2 ml
Fractionated Coconut Oil – 2oz

Blend these together in a PET bottle (with a Fine Mist Spray top) and add 2 ounces Fractionated Coconut or MCT Oil.  Mix well.

This is a strong blend at 10% and is best NOT applied to the skin.  It should be applied to shoes, socks and other articles of clothing.

Keeping the Ticks Away Repellent Blend for people
This is a 3% blend and is safe for most people over the age of two years.

Geranium - 12 drops
Palmarosa – 12 drops
Cedarwood – 8 drops
Vetiver  - 4 drops

Blend these essential oils well and then add to 2 ounces Fractionated Coconut oil or MCT oil in a PET Fine Mist Sprayer bottle. 

Alternative blend – add the essential oils to an empty PET bottle.  Add 1 teaspoonful (5ml) of emulsifier.  Blend well for 24 hours.   Then add to Distilled water OR Body Spray base.  

This blend is best mixed fresh every few weeks.

Now get outside and ENJOY the Great OUTDOORS!

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