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Can Essential oils help you detox or boost your metabolism?

Can Essential oils help you detox or boost your metabolism?

Over the past several months, we have been asked several times if essential oils have the ability to truly do a detoxification of your body.

We have never written about this so it is time to address the issue and answer some questions about this subject.

So here, we go with a few answers with help from a few of our professional colleagues to the question of Detoxification.

Can Essential oils help with Detoxification?

Many of you have read it as promoted by various multi-level marketing companies that essential oils can be used to detoxify the body.  Well, I hate to burst your bubble but . . . 

Essential oils cannot directly do any type of detoxification of your body.

There are 3 organs of the body that do a great job detoxing on a daily basis as that is what they are supposed to do (along with other processes) –The Liver #1 and the Kidneys #2, and the skin being a minor player in removing toxins (mostly by sweat).

The best way to detox your body is to assist those organs by providing them with the fresh water and nutrients these organs need for the building blocks used to continue to do the jobs they already do.

The only time that someone might really need help with detoxifying is if his or her kidney or liver is failing.  In those extreme cases then only medical (machine) intervention will work.  This is usually dialysis to remove the dangerous substances that buildup in the blood.  It can only be removed by a machine.  Just know that no medical drugs can do that job (detoxify), and neither can essential oils.

As for absorption of essential oils through the skin to help with elimination of toxins, it is known that the body cannot absorb enough essential oils via the skin to help.  For the most part, only some constituents of essential oils can transfer through all the barrier layers the skin has for our protection. 

Ingestion of essential oils is dangerous and as we have reiterated for years, it is not safe.  It can cause more damage to the kidneys and liver than it would help, besides destroying the beneficial bacteria that are needed for your health.   Essential oils when ingested will kill off your natural flora of your gut.

How can essential oils help – even if indirectly?

The top way that essential oils help your body is they help with the body’s immune system by keeping it strong from invading bacteria, viruses, molds and fungus all of which can produce varying toxins.   By keeping those under tabs by diffusing essential oils, you will lessen the burden put on your liver, kidneys and skin.

The next way essential oils can help is via massage, which helps increase circulation of the blood.  This gets the toxins moving to the liver; kidneys and skin so the body can get rid of them by urination or defecation (make sure your bowels move easily and regularly, 1-3 times daily).  

Taking warm soaking baths with Epsom salts will also help increase blood flow.   Smelling your favorite relaxing essential oils will help muscles to relax so blood flow can increase further.   Warm baths can increase your sweating mechanism so the skin will release a few toxins that way also.

As for massage – use any essential oil that you enjoy.  Using essential oils properly diluted in your choice of carrier oil will make massage more enjoyable and help the body to do the job.  

Ask any massage therapist, they know they get the muscles, skin and underlying tissues to release a ton of ‘junk’.  They always tell you to drink some water to help the kidneys and liver to flush those toxins.  If you don’t drink enough fluids, you will feel worse, instead of better after a massage.  

What about boosting your metabolism, can essential oils help?  
Well, sorry but there are no essential oils that can increase metabolism. 

If there were, I certainly would have been using them as I definitely have a weight issue and if essential oils could really help boost metabolism, then I would be back at my high school weight.

Metabolism rates are strictly a hormonal orchestration by a large number of hormones and your body’s circadian rhythms.  Hormones can vary from those that help with controlling appetite to speeding up the mitochondria (the little energy packets inside each cell) to burn energy and more.   The latest is there are over 200 plus known hormones, they all need to work together for a smooth running healthy body.

Moreover, your nutrition, what you eat, can and does play a major roll.  You need to make sure you are ‘feeding’ the body and all its b-zillion of cells the necessary basic elements – minerals, vitamins and macro nutrients (carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats) that the body cells will use to help the body function correctly.

To increase metabolism, you will need to explore many more options.  You will need to do a lot of reading and a lot of research for other ways to boost metabolism.  Essential oils just can’t help.  

Believe it or not, exercise is not one of the ways to boost your metabolism either! 

From experience, I can also say that doing all the exercise in the world did not boost my metabolism nor make me thin.  However, exercise does make you strong and helps you to feel good as long as you don’t stress out about exercising.

What essential oils might do is to help you to be mentally prepared to deal with stress.  The stress that might be making it hard to control your appetite, stress that makes you less motivated.

Inhaling and using essential oils to reduce the stress, anxiety and other mood breakers may be the best way to continue to improve your health and emotional well-being.

Learning about good nutrition such as eating whole foods, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and lean protein all help your body to function properly.

Sorry, I couldn’t provide you with the information you had hoped for when it comes to the use of essential oils for ‘detox’ and metabolism.  There just is no proof from the scientific research arena.

NOTE:  Please know that there are many MLM’s and others NOT Certified in Aromatherapy that may give you a lot of FALSE information on the internet or even in person, by telling you that ingesting essential oils will help you detox.  

It just isn’t so.  Essential oils are strong and will cause kidney and liver damage, destroy your gut flora where about 80-90% of your immune system resides, when essential oils are ingested. 

Use essential oils safely by enjoying them by inhalation (diffusing) or applied to the skin properly diluted for massage or skin care.

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Helen Campbell

04/26/2017 at 06:35:58 AM

Very powerful newsletter - I really appreciate your honesty.
I have and do use Oregano Oil in a cool mist humidifier along other products for remediating people and homes with mold. Also for any virus, bacteria, fungus plus dental / gum problem Works wonderfully. I am allergic to mold - on occasion I will use 1 -2 drops Oregano Oil along with Lemon oil - 4 drops - stirred vigorously and holding in my mouth - clears sinus/ membrane and dental problems, hope this helps folks with the above problems - western medicine was NOT an option for me.
(Edited to remove brand names.)


08/01/2017 at 04:49:15 PM