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Daydreaming is great in its proper place

Daydreaming is great in its proper place

Daydreams!  As an adult, it would be great to take a respite each day to just lay back and let your mind wander.

Think about all your hopes and dreams of things to come, aspirations, or maybe your next vacation, your retirement, time with your family and those grandkids or maybe just your kids.  Anything other than work, right?

Daydreaming is just a fun way to escape to another ‘world’ without leaving planet earth.

So, is daydreaming a type of meditation?  To me, daydreaming is a very simple form of meditation.

When you can’t find time for true meditation, at least you can drift your mind to a little bit of emotional sanctuary for a few minutes. Relaxing and releasing your thoughts, clearing your mind to start refreshed in a few minutes.

Daydreaming can be fun.  It is a wonderful form of relaxation when you have just a few minutes to hours.  Not a problem if you have the time.  

Daydreaming & School aged Kids
Child at deskWhat if your child is in school and the teacher is catching them daydreaming more than normal?

Not all parents have been called on this vary thing but enough of you have. As a parent you may be noticing things happening (poor grades, lack of participation) or the teacher may say your child in not being attentive.

Little Johnny or Mary has once again been caught not paying attention to the lessons be taught. Are they Daydreaming or is there something else going on?   

If it is that they are truly daydreaming, then there are several essential oils to help get them back on track and concentrate on their work. We have several teachers who now implement essential oils into their classrooms.

Some teachers are using essential oils to help attention, focus and concentrating.  Others are also using them to freshen the air and prevent colds, etc from spreading,  

Is the poor attention due to the after lunch afternoon sleepiness that plagues some adults and children? If that is the case, you might need to look at the food you are eating or maybe you can try some of the energizing essential oils and those to help focus.

For school age child using a terra cotta pendant is the simplest form of diffusing essential oils.  It is close to your child so the scenting should not bother others in the room.  Of course, there are other methods that can also be used.

The terra cotta pendant is very discreet and can be used by both adults and children. Most kids love wearing their birth (zodiac) signs or one of many other designs. This type of jewelry is expensive and safe to use, most schools don’t have a problem with children wearing a necklace – especially when tucked inside their clothing.

Another option is the Aromatherapy Lapel Dots.  Although these are best used with a collared shirt or blouse as you don’t want essential oils to accidentally touch the skin.

Now that you have a way to diffuse essential oils, what do we suggest to use on them?

To help with concentration: oils like Lemon, Basil and Rosemary quickly come to mind.  Peppermint or Spearmint blended with any of the citrus oils like Grapefruit, Orange or Tangerine are outstanding to help uplift and awaken those suffering from the afternoon sleepiness.

Several of the Eucalyptus oils mixed with various oils will help to. Some essential oils can bring a sense of euphoria and sense of well-being such as a blend of Ylang Ylang and Bergamot as they can be very enlivening. 

Or you can try any of the following synergy blends:  Concentration, Focus , Citrus, Elation, Enlighten, Mint Energizing, Inspiration or Invigorating Blends

If your child has had problems being ‘caught’ in the past, now is the time to find a few essential oils or blends to use, to hopefully, avoid the calls from the teacher.

And for the adults including teachers – don’t forget you can use oils in your workplace or classrooms to help you to have better attention, focus and as a result you will be happier and healthier overall.

Remember if you can’t diffuse essential oils throughout the room, place a simple passive style diffuser on your desk to help calm you or keep you attentive!

OK, now it’s back to Day Dreaming as an adult – Let’s see here – soon it’s time for vacation, hmmm, what essential oils do I want to take along with me to do all that day dreaming in the sun, hmmmm,

Oh yeah, a little Meditation blend, Easy Going Blend, Take Five Blend, Calming or Relaxing blends or maybe just plain Lavender. . . .  

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