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Essential oils for Pain

Essential oils for Pain

Pain in the head (headache), neck, back, legs and anywhere you hurt, essential oils may help.  Analgesic means to help reduce the sensation of pain.  Therefore, we look for essential oils that can have the analgesic property.

The problem is that pain can be caused from any number of things.  Determining the cause of the pain is an important factor.  There are different oils that may work better for certain types of discomfort and that may help the most for any given situation.

So, first we have to figure out what is causing the pain:  Is it from an injury, overwork, illness, or something that is chronic?  Once you know these answers, then you can choose a few oils to help give you some relief. One of the great things about essential oils is if one combination doesn’t work, you can easily try another or add more oils.

Essential oils can deal with pain by the following ways:  Numbing it; Reduce Swelling; Adding heat & penetrating oils;  Last but not least. Some oils may be useful to help you to relax.  Rest often times helps to relieve the pain.

Mixing essential oils in massage oil and using light to moderate strokes may give you the most benefits, especially when the pain is more of a soreness or ache.  

Pick one to three of the following oils in the various categories to mix with your choice of a carrier.  You can use actual massage oil base such as MCT, Jojoba, Sweet Almond or any other carrier oil.  Or you can choose to add to a lotion or cream. 

Once mixed with your oil, lotion or cream, simply apply to the painful or sore area. 

A reminder as you massage – be gentle!

Remember if the pain is due to an injury and you see lots of bruising, you should not massage.  However, you can usually apply a small amount in a very thin layer.

In some cases, such as pain from sunburn, scrapes and cuts, it may be easier to ‘make a spray’ and spritz on the essential oils in a properly diluted spray base.

The following categories of properties listing essential oils prominent in those areas. 

Remember, many essential oils have more than one property and using them in combination may be better to gift the most relief.

Numbing oils: Helichrysum, Lavender, Clove bud, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Myrrh and German Chamomile

Reduce Swelling: Helichrysum, German Chamomile, Marjoram, Geranium, Rose, Lavender

Heating oils: Peppermint, Juniper berry, Ginger, Bay laurel, Black pepper, Cinnamon leaf, Clove Bud, Bay rum, Spearmint, and Thyme

Penetrating oils: Sweet Marjoram, Rosemary, Eucalyptus (any variety), and Sage

Rest and relaxing oils: Chamomiles, especially Roman, Lavender, Clary Sage, Marjoram, Melissa, Neroli, Rose, Petitgrain and Myrtle are especially useful when dealing with pain.

Other oils that may be helpful in painful situations:  Geranium, Palmarosa and of course, others.

If the pain is due to an infection or inflammatory process, you may need to seek out essential oils that will help deal with the infection first.

NOTE: Any acute or immediate onset pain that cannot be explained; especially if it occurs in the head or involves the chest – you should seek immediate medical attention.  Sudden onset pain without explanation could indicate serious medical conditions such as Stroke or Heart attack.  See your physician without delay.  

Abdominal pain – you need to see a doctor as abdominal pain can be a very serious type of pain and self-treatment should never be tried. 

Do not use essential oils for these situations.   

Aromatherapy Recipes that may be helpful
Essential oils and supplies listed in the recipes below can easily be located using the dropdown listings above.

Massage oil for Sore Muscles

Cinnamon - 4 drops
Cajuput - 3 Drops
Chamomile - 3 drops
Ginger - 2 drops

30 ml of your favorite carrier oil

Mix all oils, and use as you would any massage oil. Work into muscles especially after a strenuous workout

Rubbing oil for Sore Joints

Marjoram - 10 drops
Eucalyptus - 8 drops
Cajuput - 4 drops
Black Pepper - 2 drops
Carrier oil - 8 ounces

Mix all oils and add to the carrier oil- shake well and warm gently before massaging on sore joints.

To Soothe Aching Muscles

Peppermint - 4 drops
Thyme - 4 drops
Lavender - 4 drops
Marjoram - 3 drops
Carrier oil – 1 ounce

Mix the essential oils first then add to the carrier oil. Massage to affected areas.

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