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Quick & Easy Holiday Gift Ideas

 Quick & Easy Holiday Gift Ideas
Perfect for Family & Friends

Make it yourself! 

Here are several ideas for you to easily make some really simple yet very appreciated gifts.   Some of these are so simple you can even have your children help!

Aroma Beads in a dish Aroma Beads scented and packaged in Organza bags (18 colors). Shown to the left is the aroma beads colored with our Aroma Bead Colorant - beads do not need to be colored but need to be scented with essential oils or with our Fragrant fixin's FO- EO blends. The Aroma bead colorant is special just for the beads.  You can not use food coloring to color these beads. Aroma Beads in Lavender Organza bag

Or Fiber Bits scented and packaged in Organza bags.

You can purchase either of the above and scent them very easily with any of our essential oils or synergy blends.  It takes less than 24 hours for the beads or fiber bits to be scented.  Then simply fill the bags, put in ziplock bags or Cellophane bags, and you have instant gifts.   Write a little note and add an extra bottle of oils so they can re-scent them when needed. 

Terra cotta necklaces – make great car diffusers or TREE Ornaments – easily scented with your favorite holiday scents.  Pre-scent them and include a bottle of what you used in the gift.  

You can use a hot glue gun and put some lace ruffles around them or be creative.  Just remember that regular craft glue will not work with essential oils on any item you want to glue.  You have to use a hot glue gun or figure out a different way to adhere the 'decorations'. 


Lavender Sachets or other sachets. Use Cedar Chips or Pine Needles scented with more essential oil and pack in Muslin bags.  

Make Bath Salts – simply mix essential oils with a carrier oil like Jojoba or MCT oil  then add to Epsom Salts, Baking Soda and Sea Salt blended.   You can mix equal portions of the above listed salt/soda.   You don’t have to have fancy Sea Salt – just buy some from the store.   Add the Oil blend, mix well then package in Ziplock bags or Little jars.  Please see for more ideas & recipes for making Bath Salts and Brown sugar scrubs

 Make scented Lotion, Cream, Shampoo, conditioner or shower gel -  Simply add to one of our unscented bases and once blended with any variety of essential oils – package and label and TaDa!  Easy gifts made from the heart!

Make Melt and Pour Soaps - melt the soap block, add scenting, pour into molds - let cool and set, pop out, wrap and Gifts in a few hours.

The following page has many great ideas from 2016 Holiday Ideas article.

Make room sprays or linen sprays as gifts.  How about a Bathroom Spray?

For Someone just getting interested in using Essential oils – Beginner kits or Basic Oil kits. 

Recipe book Don’t forget a Recipe book!

And more ideas from way back in 2007

Scented Rice bags - easy, easy to make.

Aroma pillows You need some cloth or a tube sock. Rice and a dried herb or flowers suggested are dried Lavender, chamomile, Rosemary and sage.

Rice can be purchased in bulk at most big stores like Costco or Sam’s Club.  Especially if you are making several of these ‘bags’.

Add your desired Essential oils or an essential oil blend to your herb and flower mixture.

Blend this in a glass jar for a few days if you have time, if not that is fine to just mix and prepare your rice bag/sock.

Then add a couple of tablespoon to your rice and add to the cloth bag or sock.

Stitch it closed.   You can embroider - eyes, nose, mouth - add flowers - be creative.  Have fun with this.

Ideally, the cloth or socks you use should be made from 100% cotton.

 The rice bag can be heated in a microwave for 2-3 minutes.

The rice will absorb the heat, the heat will release the essential oils.

The rice bag can be placed on sore necks, legs, etc. or you can Chill the bag in the freezer as sometimes this is needed with various injuries or fevers! 

An alternative that I saw on making these therapeutic bags is to use flax seed or dried soy beans in place of the rice.  In place of the dried herbs and flowers, you can use a couple of herbal tea bags.

Don’t have time to make something?

See our Holiday Gift Ideas pages for those on varying sized Budgets.

Quick gifts:  Lip balms, Terra cotta discs and a bottle of Essential oil or a blend. 

Massage oil – buy a big bottle and pour into Roll-on bottles – Simple little welcome gifts – Use Peppermint – Rosemary massage blend and make your own roll-ons – this blend is wonderful for headaches or other aches and pains.

See our selection of Made Fresh For You massage Blends and you will have almost instant gifts!

And while you are at all this Gift making and planning - take a few minutes and enjoy the moment.   Make a few extra and don't forget to make some for yourself.

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