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Read, Read, Read to Learn, Learn, Learn

Read, Read, Read to Learn, Learn, Learn

The best way to further your knowledge of the use of essential oils in aromatherapy is to READ!

We cannot stress this enough.  There are many good books available for use by beginners to those that are advanced.

Here is a page where you can find a list of helpful books to get you started.  Visit our Book Review page

Once you start exploring the world of essential oils and aromatherapy, you will soon discover that essential oils can assist you in many areas of your life.

They can benefit young, old and everyone in between.  When used safely they can enhance your life and those around you.  

We do suggest you use essential oils safely and follow recipes and advice of those that have studied aromatherapy and essential oils.  Ideally, they should have had some type of formal training or education or schooling specific to the aroma therapeutic use of essential oils.

In other words we caution you from getting advice from someone that is just selling oils as we see in so many of the multi-level marketing companies that sell essential oils.  

The folks there may have only ever been so called ‘trained’ by reading the ‘companies’ selling and promotional information. 

All too often, unsafe practices are suggested or they are telling how to treat or worse yet how to cure a known serious medical condition where essential oils should not be used.  

Al and Penny, your 'Personal Aromatherapists' through Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC, have both had formal education that involved hundreds of hours of studying. 

Since completion of their formal study, they have continued to belong to aromatherapy professional organizations  NAHA -  National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists  (since 1997) and AIA - Alliance of International Aromatherapists (since 2009).   Both of these groups have high ethical standards to be followed and to help others to learn the safe and proper use of essential oils for health, both physical and mental and also for those that use them spiritually.  

These organizations keep us - up to date on the latest research, safety and more in the use of essential oils used in the complementary field of aromatherapy.

Naturally, essential oils are useful for more than health concerns.  They are wonderful for use around the home and garden.  There are different types of aromatherapy practices.  Yes, there are many different types of aromatherapy and uses for essential oils. 

You may be interested in one or many areas that use essential oils.  Maybe you are creative and want to use them for bath products, candles, or to make your own perfumes.   

Of course, our websites are a plethora of tons of information.  So be sure to visit our Past Newsletters, our Health and Beauty index, our Tips of the Week, our Recipes files index and here with our new Blog.  Each section has information in easy to read and understand format.

There are lots of things to learn about in aromatherapy. You are on your way so, just starting by reading!  

One more Thing.   Unless you are pursuing aromatherapy as a career, you don't need to take any expensive courses to learn all you need to learn about using essential oils safely on a day to day basis.   A few simple classes to get you going is all that is necessary.  That and of course a few good books. 

(And if you still get stumped - Al and Penny, Your Personal Aromatherapists, are only an e-mail away!)

What’s next?  Where to start?  Coming soon – Penny’s Learning Course – Practical Use of Essential oils for everyday Living. 

I hope to launch this 18 lesson Course in a few more days.  I’ll update this link to the course when it is available. And there will be more easy and simple classes forth coming too!


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