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Resiliency – How Resilient are You?

Resiliency – How Resilient are You?

Resilient, how many of us have a good healthy resiliency? 

Children seem to be the most resilient of all.   The older we get, we just seem to have less capability.

What is Resilient or Resilience? And, how do essential oils fit in?

As defined by the Online Oxford dictionary – Resilient, Resilience

1.     (of a person or animal) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions  

2.     (of a substance or object) able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed.

Bouncing balls  After any type of health involved episode, whether it is physical, emotional or even spiritual, the time it takes for you to recover and how long it takes for you to be ‘back to your normal’ determines how resilient you really are. 

How fast you can recover depends on the type of injury or illness, or if emotionally how closely those who are affecting you, surrounding you and the support you might receive from them.

Of course, age and pre-existing health conditions all play a factor in to your speed of recovery, your resiliency.

How do essential oils help you to improve your ‘bounce back’ to health?

Essential oils are adaptogens.  Meaning they are a natural plant substance that can help the body to ‘adapt’ and balance a variety of reactions that occur in the body at a deep cellular level.

Depending on the various properties that an essential oil has it may be better at helping with infections, injuries or emotional.  The wonderful thing is, as being an adaptogen; they do this all without trying to disrupt the body’s natural abilities to heal itself.   They just make little adjustments to your chemical makeup to let it balance itself.

They let the body heal itself, slowly and naturally.  Just like the foods you eat, the body selects what nutrients it needs to make the repairs and disregards the rest.  The body does that with essential oils too.

Have you ever craved the smell of a certain oil?  That usually is an indication that your body needs some chemical constituent that oil or if a blend those oils are needed to make the repairs to balance your system.

One of the wonderful things is since essential oils are, for the most part, relatively inexpensive compared too many other medications with minimal side effects, more and more folks are seeking this complementary modality to help themselves get back to health.

Many essential oils have analgesic properties.  In addition, as most of you know, the pain industry is big business especially when it comes to help for injuries of any kind.  Joint, muscle and back pain are cause for many folks to become addicted to strong painkillers that can lead to unwanted addictions.  But, What if … they had tried using a massage blend, or rub or just plain diffused these oils to get relief?  To let the body heal itself without the dependency on those powerful medications.  Something as simple as a rub made with Peppermint and Rosemary mixed with a cream and rubbed into those tight sore muscles or aching joints.

This leads me to say, many essential oils are also anti-inflammatory and once the acute pain is relieved, then the anti-inflammatory properties can continue to help your body heal.  

Next, and possibly the best, in this day of the ‘rat race’ society, is several essential oils may help you to relax and are stress relievers.  When you are in pain, no matter if physical or emotional pain, you need to relax.  Tension causes more pain, the more pain, the more stress. You can see where this is headed, can’t you?  

If by chance your health issue is caused due to infectious processes, from germs varying from bacteria, virus, fungal or any number of nasties, there are essential oils are capable to help combat the overload while the body can take care of the rest.    Keeping your environment clean and refreshed is a wonderful way to let essential oils do their best.  Simply add a few to your cleaning water.

More than One Solution

As aromatherapists, one of the things we have at our disposal is over a hundred different essential oils known to have various therapeutic properties.  If a combination we suggest doesn’t seem to work, we can create new combinations.  Eventually there will be the right mixture to help you get back to your previous state of health or at least make you feel like you are on a road to improvement.

The best suggestion to become a “ Resilient Person of Recovery” is to learn all the varying ways you can use essential oils throughout your life on a daily basis.

Properly using Essential oils safely for your health

Now, we are not talking about full bore diffusing where the air is just filled with an over-abundance of essential oils, but the slow and low diffusing of various essential oils throughout your home, work or office. 

Like what?  In the Kitchen, make a spray to use to wipe counters and do cleaning. In the bathroom, just make it smell more pleasant. We all know how bathrooms can easily become a very smelly room.  Just make a room spray that anyone can use. Remember, if you have little ones; keep all essential oils or mixtures their reach.

The bedroom, sleep, rest and relaxation is a necessity to have your body promote the healing it needs. There are dozens of essential oils and blends that can be used in very low doses to help.   Unless you have an upper respiratory infection, we do not suggest diffusing more than a couple drops of any essential oil in a bedroom. 

You are closed up in that room for – hopefully eight hours or more and if you diffuse too many or much oil you may find you feel worse in the morning than you should be.  You don’t want that either.  Waking up with a headache from too much essential oils is not the way to start your day.

In the living room or family room, you want to diffuse subtle scents reminiscent of the season.  This room hopefully will be the rooms that wonderful family memories can be formed.  With the added activity of these rooms you can diffuse essential oils a bit stronger but not for as long duration. 

At work or in the office, this will depend on your work environment and whom you work with.  As always you can use personal diffusers for your personal space so as to not invade others privacy.  But again, if you find the right oil or blend, most folks will welcome your sharing.

We know firsthand that low diffusing and use of essential oils on a daily basis helps us to ‘bounce back’ and be very resilient.  Now that doesn’t mean you’ll never use essential oils in a more powerful way.  Nevertheless, if you have them in your life on a daily basis, you’ll be more prepared than someone that is just starting out when it comes to varying crisis’s. 

You’ll learn what essential oils you’ll need in an emergency, for acute illness and injury or an emotional upset.

Continue to read, learn and more to discover what essential oils you need for yourself and those loved ones around you.

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