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Self Esteem, Self-Worth it is the little things that matter

Self Esteem, Self-Worth – it’s the little things that matter.

By Penny Keay

Self-esteem and self-worth are major players in both your emotional and physical health.

So many people both young and old have problems with self-esteem and self-image.

They may feel they have no self-worth.  They may feel that they can’t contribute to the world, their neighborhood or their family.  Boy, oh boy, are they very, very wrong.

Many people, and this is especially true for teenagers, is they need to look at the positive side of our lives. Too much of the time, folks will focus on the negative or even the trivial aspects in their lives.  They forget to look at the ‘bigger picture’.   

Way, too often we look at celebrities and sports figures and think we want what they have, but when it really comes down to it, we wouldn’t be happy with the way they live.

Where to begin?  First, let us start with the simplest thing. Something everyone can do with very little effort.

So what is this effortless action?  When you wake up in the morning – when you are still laying there in bed, put a SMILE on your face.  Even if you don’t feel like it, do it anyway.

Just like laughter being a form of good medicine to help you heal, starting the day with a smile will send chemical mood elevators throughout your body.  You can give yourself an extra boost by inhaling a few whiffs of your favorite essential oil or oils.

As the season’s change and you continue to heal emotionally, realize the choices of essential oils may change from time to time.

Starting out you may like or need the Citrus scents such as:  Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon

Maybe you will need deeper emotional balance from some of the stronger floral scents of Geranium, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang or Rose.  

I caution the use of the smell of roses unless you know you have not been influence by death, as often times you may associate the smell of roses with sad times such as the loss of a loved ones funeral.  Although, if your experience with roses have been happy times, then definitely you will want to use rose or similar scents to continue to enhance your happier times.

Others love to smell minty smells – Peppermint and Spearmint can easily elevate your mood.  Yet others love the earthy smells of Patchouli, Vetiver, Sandalwood and Cedarwood. Simply find a single oil or two or a synergy blend you love that brings a smile to your face.

Helping others – will actually help you to help yourself.

Do something for someone else, show a kindness and with that give a big smile.  Next, think of something you can do - just for today that will help someone – no matter how small the gesture of kindness may be.  This someone could be a family member, a neighbor, a co-worker or a better yet a stranger.

This small task can be something as simple as opening up a door when someone has their hands full of groceries or laundry. Or help someone clean up the kitchen, etc. without being asked to do so. You may need to think conscientiously about what you might do, or maybe you have done in the past that gave you a good feeling.

Now, write these things down. Write all the good things you do each day. 

It is best to not enter this list into a computer or phone. Why?  Personally, I feel it is better for physically take a pen and paper for you to journal these things.  And then, leave it in a visable place, such as the bedside, the kitchen table.  Some place that will help you to see all the things you do that matter.  

Also, write down other things you could do. Can you grow vegetables, flowers? Paint,draw? Do you read books?

These are all skills you can share with others.

Usually you can find skills, hobbies, crafts.  They only need be a few that you can do that maybe you can help others learn too.

While you are writing your lists – inhale your essential oils. This is a conditioning exercise to help your brains ‘lock and key’ system to be triggered by good feelings.

Simply ask folks that do volunteer work. They find that they are inspired and have lots of self-esteem and self-worth for being of service to others.  They do not look for monetary rewards for their service.  They see the difference they make in people’s lives, that is what drives them to continue to do the volunteering.  Helping others puts a smile on their face and joy in their lives!

Self-image and self-esteem is looking at yourself and find all the GOOD things you can do, not only for yourself but to help those around you.

If you just sit around all day watching TV or playing video games or on social media you probably will have very low esteem as you aren’t contributing to society. BUT, Remember – YOU have control and can make the choice to change it all.

Making your Daily do Good list

So, back to the daily ‘do good’ task. After a week or two, add more tasks where you help others. Then when you have a whole list you can look back at it and say – Hey, I really am making a difference, I really do matter. And SMILE.

Many of you may know that Alan and I were involved in the Boy Scouts of America for 15 years. In scouting as each boy finishes one rank and is moving to the next – he has to go through a Board of Review. Sort of like an interview of his scouting experience so far and how he plans on proceeding.

Well, one of my questions I loved to ask because it is part of the scouting slogan was did you “Do a Good Turn Daily”. So, I would ask them during their review, what was their ‘Good turn’ for the day.

Some grasped the concept quite quickly; others made it appear far too difficult.

My point was that ‘doing a good turn’ each day didn’t have to be some spectacular event. It could be something as simple as opening a door for someone.

When so many of them paused for over a minute, I would let them off the hook and explain that it’s all the little things you do each day, that you may not even realize, that make you feel better about yourself, especially when you are helping others.

So for you and your teens, help them to learn about doing a ‘good turn daily’. Reach out and do something for someone else. Write it down and soon you will see – you do have worth, and you will in turn feel good about yourself.   And then, Smile!

Whenever you are feeling down, simply, put a smile on your face and smell some of your favorite essential oils, do a little something for someone else. Soon you will feel better about yourself and know you can make a difference.


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