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Starting School – Can cause Anxiety in Children

Starting School – Can cause Anxiety in Children

School is starting and for many children and parents too, it can be stressful.

Anxiety and all the excitement can make for some tense times for everyone.   Fear of the unknown; not having friends; unfamiliar school or neighborhood.  So many things can contribute to these feeling.

Several oils are helpful with children and using them before bedtime should help them to calm down and get the rest they need to meet the next day’s busy schedules.

Essential oils such as Bergamot (FCF preferred), Frankincense, Roman Chamomile, Geranium, Mandarin and Neroli along with Rose otto are all great oils to use to calm children down.  They also help to keep them focused the following day, because they can get a good night’s sleep.

Simply choose 2-3 of the above listed oils and use in a room diffuser or you can mix in lotion to be applied near bedtime.

Try this blend to help with Anxiety and stress during those first few days at school.

Anxiety Relief for School Children Blend

Bergamot FCF– 5 drops

Lavender – 5 drops

Geranium – 3 drops

Mandarin – 3 drops

Neroli – 1 drop

Blend together in an glass bottle then put a few drops in a diffuser to diffuse in any room but if needed for 30 minutes in their bedroom.

If you don’t have time to mix the above blend, you can use our Calming Blend.  Many of the oils suggested are in this blend along with others.  This blend is great to use by all members of the family.

Another great blend is our Anxiety Stop blend.  It is useful for any type of nervous, anxious or even panicky situation. 

Kids aren't the only ones that might need to calm down.  When adults feel anxious and stressed out, it is easy to pass along to other members of the family - including pets.

When making out your “Before School Starts Shopping”’ List, here’s just one more thing to add, but it might be the best item you can add for both you and your child/ren!  

Using essential oils are easy and oh so pleasant. Remember they can help in so many ways for your health and wellbeing.

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