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Blue Vee Touch Warmers CLEARANCE#6

Touch Blue Vee
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Blue "Vee"  Touch Lamp & Oil Warmer  CLEARANCE#6

 Not Returnable nor refundable, sold as is. 

(not eligible for free shipping) 

These units are 5" tall and 3 1/2" wide.

This Lamp & Oil warmer is wonderful as a functional light and aroma diffuser.

Simply touch the base of this beautiful Glass Lamp and the light will turn on!

Touch it again and it gets brighter, and one more time and it will be at it's brightest.  Touch one more time to turn it off.

Plug in the diffuser, simply add an Unscented Mini tart (Sold separately Click here to order unscented mini wax tarts) and touch the base.

To begin -  'touch' the base of the lamp to full light, this will warm the tart to melt it.  

Once the tart has melted add essential oils.  

Turn the lamps brightness by touching the base to get your desired lighting level.

You can easily add additional drops of essential oils as needed.

Monitor your diffuser. And 'touch' the base to dim the light and the heat.

We suggest the use of the scented soy/beeswax tart (Sold separately Click here to order soy/beeswax tarts here) for your Touch Lamp.

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