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Aromatherapy Basics Paperback

Aromatherapy Basics Book
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Aromatherapy Basics
by Penny and Alan Keay

Paperback  - 82 pages

Everyone needs to begin. But where do you start?

The Aromatherapy Basics book will help you begin the journey that will last a lifetime.

You'll learn about aromatherapy starting with a little history, what it is, how it works.

You'll read about a few of the most commonly used essential oils and their safe use.

Information on how to use them, including a few recipes.

There is beginners help with blending and a list of supplies to get started.

Charts to help measure and figure percentages.

This book is here to give you a 'basic introduction' into the wonderful world of aromatherapy.

Let your Journey begin now!

Books always make great gifts.

IF YOU OWN A KINDLE or a NOOK you may want to purchase it from the following links.  Or through your device. 

Just type in "Penny Keay"  to find it easier on your devices when you do a search.

To Purchase the Kindle Version visit the Following Page at   CLICK HERE

To Purchase the NOOK Version visit the Following Page at Barnes and Noble  CLICK HERE


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