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Aromatherapy Recipe Book Spiral Bound

Spiral Bound
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Spiral Bound - Aromatherapy Recipes Using Pure Essential Oils Volume 1 

by Penny Keay 

A collection of recipes that can be useful!

Many of these recipes are found throughout our Informational website but as you know it can be hard to locate just the one you need.

Now many of them are in this handy to use, easy to reference, easy to carry and store recipe book. Not all though, as you can see this is Volume 1, Volume 2 is in the works.

Over 10 years in the making. These recipes were being created and developed from helping those during aromatherapy consultations. Although many of the recipes were created just for fun too.

You will find this Aromatherapy Recipe book has great features for those just getting into aromatherapy and for others that have been blending for awhile.

The Aromatherapy Recipe Book using Pure Essential oils Volume 1 is divided into Three Parts and is over 92 pages long and includes areas for you to add a few notes or recipes of your own.

Part One - The Aromatherapy Recipe book is a basic introduction in therapeutic Aromatherapy. It delves into what essential oil, where they come from and there is a very important section on Essential oil safety. The Final section of Part one is all about blending essential oil, including measuring, equipment and the essential oils used in the recipes

Part Two - The recipes. Over 240 of them. Featureed in categories for your diffuser, room sprays, to blends used for respiratory conditions, for the home and garden, first aid, including bumps and bruises.   There are blends just for women, and ones for the romantic sides of you! Over 27 different categories!

Part Three - The Index - This is one of the important parts as it lists each oil used in the recipes and the recipe page they can be found on.

There is a category listing of each recipe by it's name!

How important that is when you can remember the name - oh wow!
And also a list by the categories in the book (kind of a repeat of the Table of Contents page.)

What other features make this book a great addition to your aromatherapy book collection?
The Spiral Binding version has Laminated front and back covers. Makes it easy to clean - should you accidentally have a spill. The pages are printed on heavy weight paper for years of use.

And for me the important part of this and any recipe book is the spiral binding. No more propping the pages open to do your blending. Just open the book to the page your recipe is on and it will lay flat for you!

 Easy to use and lightweight too. It can easily be tucked inside a suitcase or other travel bag for quick reference and use while seeing to clients.

Books make great gifts.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Anita C, 10/14/2017

This is a great little go-to book. The recipes are easy to understand, don't require a ton of ingredients, and there is a bit of everything in it. It has recipes for your bath, for your pets, and even for your garden! I think the best part are the little notes Penny added throughout the book, "just so you know". I continue to use the section at the beginning the most, probably, where she explains in layman's terms, exactly what to do with your essential oils after you buy them! It's a reference section, of sorts. Somehow she managed to keep it concise, and easy to read. Thank you, Penny, for such an awesome little book!

Reviewed by jane c, 03/10/2015

I've owned this book for several years now, and it's my first "go to" reference when I'm looking for an aromatherapy recipe. It seldom lets me down! Can't wait for volume 2. Put my name on the waiting list! Give it 5 stars!

Reviewed by Anonymous , 12/30/2012

I loved this recipe book! The recipes are written in such a way that it was easy to understand and mix my essential oils. I appreciated that there were lots of spaces designated within the pages of the book where I could add my own notes. It gives a nice introduction to using aromatherapy in the first part, then goes on to give you recipes you can use everyday or for specific purposes. I loved the extra tips the author adds, along with the easy to follow format.