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Aromatherapy Recipe Book Volume 6

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Aromatherapy Recipes Using Pure Essential Oils Volume 6
First Aid, Sports, Pain & Massage

by Penny Keay 

A collection of articles and recipes that can be useful for those folks wanting to use essential oils for help with a Variety of ailments related to emergency first aid, sports injuries, pain and massage. 

 See below in Part Two for more details on the recipes and information in this book.

Over 20 years in the making. These recipes were being created and developed from helping those during aromatherapy consultations. Although many of the recipes were created just for fun too.

You will find this Aromatherapy Recipe book has great recipes for everyone, for every age and just about every situation.

The Aromatherapy Recipe Book using Pure Essential oils Volume 6 is divided into two parts and is 60 pages long and includes areas for you to add a few notes or recipes of your own.

Part One - The Aromatherapy Recipe book starts with a very important section on Essential oil safety. The next section of Part one is all about blending essential oils, including measuring and equipment for blending.

Part Two - The recipes for First Aid - including sunburn, nausea & motion sickness, female concerns.  Sports - muscle and joint pains, strains and more.  Pain including arthritis, headache, fibromyalgia, shingles and any other type of pain.    

Then there is a section for general massage recipes that may be helpful when you just want to have a massage.   Includes a few massage for expectant parents too.

There are Base Recipes used throughout this book and that are useful for other applications too at the very end of the book.

Recently, we had someone ask why there are no botanical names listed in the recipe books. The essential oils listed in this Recipe book, are the common names. The oils used when developing these recipes are the oils sold by Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC. Therefore, the botanical names were not listed. You can use any essential oil you have available as long as you use the common name. However I do suggest you use the highest quality essential oils you can afford when blending these recipes. If you want to know the botanical name, please see the oils sold by Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC

 What other features make this book a great addition to your aromatherapy book collection?

It has a Spiral Binding and Laminated front and back covers,  making it easy to clean - should you accidentally have a spill.  The pages are printed on heavy weight paper for years of use.

For me the important part of this and any recipe book is the spiral binding.  No more propping the pages open to do your blending.  Just open the book to the page your recipe is on and it will lay flat for you!

Easy to use and lightweight too. It can easily be tucked inside a suitcase or other travel bag for quick reference and use while seeing to clients.

Books make great gifts.

This book, as are all books, are copyright protected and may not be copied, in full or in part without the permission of the author.

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