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> Bottles, Glassware & Blending Supplies

Bottles, Glassware and Blending supplies are necessary parts of  aromatherapy.

We recommend using glass for all your essential oils. It is better for storage of your oils and blends. We have Amber glass bottles for use with your essential oils.

As you are blending and mixing your essential oils you will need clean "glass" containers.
Essential oils are potent chemicals and can easily destroy LDPE plastic bottles and anything with rubber as part of its construction.

If you are blending essential oils with unscented products such as shampoos, lotions, or distilled water you will need a supply of PET plastic bottles, Beakers and glass stirring rods.

We have a handy Blender's Kit  to assist you in blending. This kit will help you while you mix massage oils, lotions and other unscented products with your essential oils. Includes an nice assortment of small vials and bottles.

Glass Bottles & Vials Glass Bottles & Vials

Glass Bottles

Small Glass Bottles for your essential oils

Glass Beakers in a variety of sizes


Beakers and Blending kits

Blue Jars


Jars for making creams, balms, ointments, bath salts and scrubs.
Clear, White Amber and Blue colored.   1oz to 16 oz sizes.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottles with Disc tops and Spray tops
Sifters bottles and more.

Miscellaneous Blending

Scent Strips and more!

Perfume Bottles
1/3 oz CLEAR Roll On

Ideal to Roll-on your own Perfumes or massage blends.

Starting At $0.99
Amber bottles with Polyseal caps
Amber Glass Bottles

1 oz & 2 oz  Sizes

You Choose your Cap

Polyseal, Spray or Treatment Pump

Starting At $1.69
Blue Disc top
Blue PET Bottles

Choice of closure

Starting At $1.19
2 oz Cobalt Glass bottles
Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles

1 oz & 2 oz  Sizes
You Choose your Cap style

Starting At $1.99
6 in Disposable pipettes
Disposable Plastic Pipettes

Graduated, 6" with Regular tips

Essential Oil Bottles
Essential Oil Bottles

4ml, 10ml, 30ml
Packages of 5
with orifice reducers

Starting At $0.79
Glass Beakers
Glass Beakers


Starting At $2.99
Mini Mist Sprayer Vial
Mini Sprayer Mist Vials

Handy to take along.

Was: $3.09
Now: $2.49
Scent Testing Strips
Scent Testing Strips

The Best way 'test' Smell Essential oils

White Jars
White Jars

Polypropylene plastic
Perfect for your Creams

Starting At $1.39
Aluminum Pump Top Bottles
Aluminum Pump Bottle

Requested by Massage Therapists

Starting At $2.99

Shown above are Several Products popular in the above listed categories - Please explore each category as there are hundreds of items and choices.

To clean the glassware:
Soak in hot soapy water, rinse, rinse, rinse and then do a final rinse with alcohol such has vodka or a denatured alcohol.

Don't use rubbing alcohol as it doesn't have a high enough alcohol content (look for 180 or 190 proof).

Let air dry.

Some essential oils can be very difficult to clean from bottles and you may need to soak them for several hours or days to remove the essential oil residue.

Make sure not even a hint of oil remains or alcohol for that matter as this can ruin your new blends.

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