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Glass Beakers

Glass Beakers
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$4.19 - $8.49
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Glass Beakers

Sold singly  - NEW LOWER PRICING!! 

Available in  4 convenient sizes

50ml, 100ml, 150ml & 250 ml

Great for mixing your lotions and Massage oils with Essential oils!
The Beakers make the task fast and  easy.

Clean up is quick too!   Dishwasher safe.

The 50 ml Beaker has measure lines marked at 10ml intervals. The 100 ml has measure lines every 10 ml's starting at 20 ml going up to 100ml.

Note: We personally inspect each and every beaker before it is packaged and boxed for shipment to you.

Open Packaging carefully.  They are glass.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Mindy G, 06/08/2015

I bought the 50ml beaker a while ago and I am so in love with it! It helps me make my blends more exact, and it's delicate, yet a durable and sturdy little thing! I can't wait to buy the next sizes up!