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Aluminum Pump Bottle

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2 2/3oz (80ml) Aluminun Bottle
4oz Aluminun Bottle
8oz Aluminun Bottle
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Aluminum bottles with Pump Tops
Available  80 ml (2 2/3oz),  120 ml (4 oz) - New design,  and 250 ml (8 oz) fluid sizes.

Aluminum bottles with Lotion pump tops have been requested by Massage Therapists

These Aluminum bottles are easy to use and reuse.

They are easily cleaned for reuse and will last for many massages!

Ideal for use with Lotions, Liquid Soaps and of course Massage oils.

Safe to use in settings where glass bottles could easily be broken. And will last much longer than Plastic bottles.

Available in Three convenient sizes!

2 2/3oz (80ml) size dimensions are:  1 3/8" diameter by 5 1/4" tall with pump.

4oz size dimensions are: 1 3/4" diameter by 5 1/2" tall with pump.

8oz size dimensions are: 2" diameter by 8 1/4" tall with pump.

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