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Foamer Bottle 200ml with Pump

200ml Foamer Bottle
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Foamer Bottle -  200ml with Foaming pump

Need a  smaller size 50mL Foam Pump bottles Click Here

This is a 200ml Natural HDPE Foamer Bottle with Foamer Head Pump.

Use at home by the sink, shower or bath.

This bottle actually holds about 250 ml's of liquid BUT you cannot fill it full or it will not be able to work correctly.  There will be a small gap between the top of the liquid in the bottle and the top of the bottle.  

Overall this bottle is 7 3/4 inch tall and 2 inches in diameter.

This is easy to use.  Simply add 40ml of liquid hand soap, shower gel or shampoo (Yes these are soaps too and can be used to make foaming  soaps), add 16-20 drops of your favorite essential if desired, then fill the bottle with water.   Do not shake, but simply rotate bottle to mix the soap with the water. 

Depress the pumper top a couple times and you will have a nice foam to use to clean hands, face or body. 

Wonderful to make your own sanitizing hand wash.

Suggested essential oils to use include:

Lavender; Lime; Orange; Lemon; Peppermint; Spearmint or blends like Four Robbers; Calming; The Cleaner;  Mint Energizing,  The list is really endless.

You can use any essential oil or blend you would like.  Some of course will be more pleasant to use than others.

OR if you prefer you can use any of the Fragrant Fixin's Fragrance oils.  Remember they are made with Natural botanical extracts and of course a bit of fragrance oil base but they make great scents to use too.  Again you only need a couple drops to scent this small bottle.   I used Fresh Peaches in my test bottle - about 5 drops - it is nice and light and smells wonderful. 

I've also used lavender in one of the bathrooms too.   I like the smell of Grapefruit and Peppermint together - so my next bottle will be a blend of those.   This is way too Fun!

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