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> Bug Off

Keep the Bugs Away to enjoy your Outdoor Living use Bug Off Spray Repellent

Help deter those nasty flying insects from bothering you.

This recipe is proven, by Penny and Al in the deep woods of Minnesota to repel all those nasty mosquitos and other flying bugs.

We have used this formula for several years when we are out in the woods, camping, hiking and fishing.

Simply Spray a small amount to the areas of exposed skin and rub on gently.

Don't forget you can use a small amount on your hands, rub them together and then pat your hair.   This is the preferred method to keep the pests away from your head.  Also this is the way to apply this product to children of all ages. 

The bugs will leave you and them alone!

Bug Off
Bug Off! Spray

Proven Recipe in the Deep Woods

of Minnesota, Africa and other places
around the world!

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