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Camellia oil for massage
Camellia olifera

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Camellia oil - Camellia olifera - Used in Japan and China for skin and hair care. This is a very wonderful oil and is used in beauty care.

It may help skin from thickening during scar formation. This wonderful oil is light yellow to almost clear in color. It is great for hair care and is good to use to moisturize your skin after exposure to sun.

Apply a small amount around the eyes as it may be useful to reduce the signs of aging.   Add to hand creams and use around your nails.  Camellia oil is may be used to help dry and mature skin.

Good oil for all skin types. Can be used as 100% of a carrier base but is not necessary to do so.

Camellia oil is one of Nature's best kept secrets.  Especially in the health and beauty world.

This is the beauty oil used by the women of Japan, China and other Asian countries.

This wonderful oil is used to give damaged and dry hair the added nourishment it needs.

For normal to aging skin this is a must to help moisturize.

Apply around the eyes to help soften wrinkles.

Add to shampoos, conditioners and lotions.

This oil also aids in nail strengthening. Simply apply a drop or two to nails daily.

Main Constituents of Camellia oil
Oleic acid 80-88%
Linoleic acid 7-10%
Palmitic acid 7-9%
Stearic acid 1-2%

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