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Coconut Oil, Virgin

Coconut Oil NOTE: Cap & Bottle style may vary from that pictured.
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Virgin Coconut Oil - Certified Organic

Cocos nucifera



This is absolutely the BEST Virgin Coconut Oil available.

It is produced by farmers in the Phillipines and is processed using the centrifuge method.  With this method all the nutrients are preserved.

This oil keeps your skin soft and supple with out a greasy feeling after it has been applied.  You only need a small amount for use in your skin care or massage oil blends.

This has the smell of Coconuts and smells WONDERFUL!  This  Virgin Coconut oil has a shelf life of over 5 years!

Virgin Coconut Oil is SOLID at room temperature. You will most likely need to heat gently to liquify.  Just holding it in your hand it will melt.   Melting point is 76 degrees.

Depending on where you live the Oil may be liquid, since it melts at about 76 degrees. Simply place the bottle in a bowl of hot tap water for a few minutes and it will liquify.   Do not heat in the microwave as it is not necessary.

 Coconut oil - Virgin   Cocos nucifera - Coconut oils are very good for the skin and are used often for massage and as cosmetic ingredients.  Traditionally extraction methods provide the best virgin coconut oils.

Virgin coconut has a wonderful coconut smell.

It is solid at room temperature so will need to be warmed or mixed with another oil before being used.  Just as with cocoa butter, you will need to take into consideration the smell when making blends.

All of the Coconut oils are all excellent for dry or sensitive skin. They are considered ideal for blending essential oils for use on skin.  

And again they are wonderful for use in making products for use in the bath, skin and massage products.

The Coconut oils are the best oil to use to replace mineral oils typically used on babies.

Can be used as a base as 100% or add any where from 10-50% in your finished product.

All coconut oil has extremely long shelf life.  Just remember that Virgin Coconut oil has a slight smell of 'real coconut' and when you add essential oils to your massage oil blend you need to keep that in mind.

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