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Emulsifier, Coconut

Emulsifier, Coconut
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Coconut Emulsifier 

INCI: PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate
Derived from Cocoa nucifera

What is an emulsifier?

This is to be used whenever you need to mix water and oil. It is derived from coconut oil.
Add your essential oils to this emulsifier and then add to water or water based products for use in skin treatments and massage. Mix well.

How much to use ?
We are asked this question many times. Because each essential oil has different viscosity you will have to experiment a little.

Generally you may need to add one drop of emulsifier to every 1-3 drops of essential oil before adding to the water or water based product. It all depends on the essential oil.

OR you may need to add 5 drops of emulsifier to every 1 drop of essential oils.  We cannot tell you for sure.  You will need to experiment.  

We suggest you start mixing the emulsifier to your essential oils and check every few minutes to hours to see if they are staying blended.  If not you will need to keep adding emulsifier.  

The chemical reaction is not immediate - you MAY need to give the emulsifier over 24 hours to work with the essential oils.  You need to mix, blend, check and add more emulsifier until you find out exactly the right amount to get the product to stay in solution.   And in some cases with some essential oils it will not happen.  

If it won't stay blended then it is possible you will need to try a different emulsifier as the essential oils you are trying to use are not compatible with the emulsifier you are trying.

Do not use this as a carrier oil.
It needs to be mixed with other ingredients.

For an article to help you to learn more about Emulsifiers and how to use them CLICK HERE.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Crystal M, 10/05/2017

I bought the coconut oil emulsifer several months ago.  I love it.  I mostly use it for blending bath oils.  Such an improvement over putting essential oils directly in the tub! I am really happy to have found this.

Reviewed by , 08/29/2016

I've been using this in my sprays. Turns milky when mixed in water, but expected. Works great.

Reviewed by Joni O, 06/30/2013

This is an excellent product!!!!