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Avocado oil for massage
Persea gratissima

Expeller pressed


Avocado oil - Persea gratissima or americana - Avocado oil is extracted from the pulp of the Avocado fruit.

Avocado oil is a smooth, light, soothing oil for all skin types and conditions.

You can use this oil as 100% of your carrier oil but most suggestions that you should use between 10-50% at most.

Depending on the skin type Avocado oil may absorb rapidly into the skin. You will need to test on individual skin types to see if it will absorb or will give you the ‘slip’ or glide you need if you choose to use this as a massage oil.

The nourishing value of avocado oil makes it useful for dry and dehydrated skin and is useful for damaged hair from coloring, excessive washing and sun exposure.

Avocado oil that is not refined is unusable – it will be thick and green. But once it is refined, avocado oil is beautiful, clear and golden to light green oil.

NOTE: when kept at low temperatures it will appear cloudy (called winterization) and may even solidify. Gentle warming at room temperature it will clear.

This is best used at a 10% dilution with other carrier oils

Main Constituents of Avocado Oil
Oleic acid 55 to 75%
Palmitic acid 12 to 24%
Linoleic acid 8 to 15%
Palmitoleic 2 to 7 %
Stearic acid 3.5 %
Linolenic acid 0.1 %


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