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Rosehip seed Oil Refined

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Rosehip seed Oil Refined for massage  SPECIAL ORDER

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Rosa canina
Expeller pressed


Rosehip seed oil Refined is maybe helpful for skin that has potential to produce scars.

It is very rich in G.L.A. (Gamma Linoleic Acid) and Vitamin C.  This important fatty acid is wonderful for use in skin care as it helps skin exposed to the sun and environment.

This carrier oil is excellent for skin around scars, burns and wrinkles.

Mix essential oils with this and use to massage affected areas.

Rosehip seed oil Refined  helps the skin and is used in many formulations for stretch marks, burns, scars and is useful for mature skin too.

Rosehip seed oil is relatively expensive but because only small amounts are needed, it should always be used when dealing with the problems listed above that are helped with the use of this wonderful carrier oil.

Rosehip seed oil is best used as fresh as possible. It is one of the fixed oils that has a relatively short shelf life and should be kept refrigerated at all times. Best if used within 1 year of extraction.

Main Constituents of Rosehip seed oil refined
Linoleic acid  41-49%
Linolenic acid 29-36 %
Oleic acid 13-16 %
Palmitic acid 3-5%
Stearic acid 1-3%

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