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This is our Category for special combinations of products we have put together to save you up to 10% and often times more, when ordered from this special item page vs their prices when each item in the 'deal' is purchased separately.

We will also announce other Wonderful Deals you might not find elsewhere on our site.

 We do offer some of these from time to time at Special prices for a few days - as our Deal of the Days.   

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Bug Off! Spray and empty bottles
Bug Off Spray and spray bottles

NEW Deal Combo

Was: $23.87
Now: $22.68
Cajeput EO and Respiratory Blend
Cajeput EO and Respiratory Blend

NEW Deal Combo

Was: $24.78
Now: $23.49
Calming Massage Blend & Relaxing Synergy Blend
Calming Massage Blend & Relaxing

NEW Deal Combo

Was: $30.76
Now: $28.99
Clary Sage & Courage Blend
Clary Sage & Courage Blend

NEW Deal Combo

Was: $31.48
Now: $28.99
Sleep Like a Baby & Lavender
Lavender EO & Sleep like a Baby

NEW Deal Combo

Was: $26.28
Now: $24.89
Back Rub Massage Blend and Peppermint EO
Peppermint EO & Back Rub Massage Blend

NEW Deal Combo

Was: $24.28
Now: $22.99
Foot Rub Blend and Tea Tree EO
Tea Tree EO and Foot Rub Massage

NEW Deal Combo

Was: $24.98
Now: $23.69
Ylang Ylang EO and Soothing Blend
Ylang ylang EO & Soothing Blend

NEW Deal Combo

Was: $26.52
Now: $24.99
Cedarwood & Courage Blend
Cedarwood & Courage
Was: $38.48
Now: $36.49
Four Favorites
Favorite Four
Was: $57.26
Now: $53.99
Immunity Trio
Immune Trio


Was: $65.77
Now: $62.39
Lime and The Cleaner
Was: $30.78
Now: $29.19
Myrrh EO & Elation blend
Myrrh EO & Elation Blend


Was: $34.37
Now: $32.59
The Lavenders
The Lavenders

Lavender Samplers

5ml each of our Lavender (Lavandula) essential Oils

Was: $41.21
Now: $26.99

If these items are listed as our Special Deals of the DAY ITEM realize they are Time Sensitive