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Castor Oil

Castor Oil
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Castor Oil for massage
Ricinus communis


Extracted from the Seed, USP (Pharmaceutical grade)


Castor oil is expressed from the castor oil plant seed or bean.

There are many grades of Castor oil produced for various industrial uses. The higher refined grades are used throughout the cosmetic industry. The higher grades are colorless and odorless.

Do not use unrefined grades of Castor oil as it may cause unwanted skin allergies.

Castor oil has many industrial uses but it can also be used in Skin and Massage care.

It is used as an emollient and skin softener. It may help with a variety of skin conditions including burns, cuts and abrasions among others.

 Castor oil is used to make a variety of poultices that are good for pain relief.

The refined castor oil is good for dry skin.

Castor oil is used in many hair and skin care products as it is used as a conditioner for dry brittle hair.

Castor oil is useful when added to other carrier oils at a 10% to 15% dilution.

Main Constituents of Castor oil
Ricinoleic acid 85-90%
Oleic acid 3-4%
Linoleic acid 3-4%

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