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Cheerful Aromas

Aromas to Cheer & Freshen the Air
by Penny Keay

Diffusing essential oils during the winter and spring can bring a cheerful and warm scent to any room.  There are several methods of diffusing oils.  

Feeling content, happy, relaxed can help brighten your day or evening.   Cheerful doesn't mean laughter.  For me it means forgetting about the days troubles and having peaceful thoughts.   Cheerful scenting should bring a smile to your face as it triggers happy memories of brighter days. 

Any essential oil, especially any of the citrus oils are usually very cheerful scents.   In aromatherapy,  we know that any scent that you enjoy, are ones that will help you feel the best.   So, of course any of your favorites can and should be diffused too!

Several of our synergy blends are easy to use and several of them are the light refreshing citrus blends.   You might want to try:   Elation, Enlighten, Happy! Happy!!,  Citrus, Refreshing, Revitalizing or Renewal.   There may be others you might also enjoy.

A wonderful way to diffuse oils is a fan type diffuser.  Just add a few drops to the cotton pad and turn the unit on.  It will slowly disperse the essential oils into the room. 

This method is safe around children, the elderly and pets (dogs).

You can also add a few drops to dried or silk flowers.  If you have a simmering pot on the stove - add a drop or two to add a little warm fragrance to your kitchen.   Similar to this is the Oil and Tart Warmers.

Do you have a real wood burning fireplace?   You can add a few drops of essential oils to the logs, let them soak in before you put them on the fire.  This will add a wonderful scent for your cozy evening of relaxation. 

Another way to get quick scenting and refresh the air is to use a Room Spray.   Room sprays are easy to make.  Simply add a few drops to the Room Spray Base, shake well and spray around the room.

If you are busy working and away from home you might want to try blending some essential oils in a lotion or massage oil.    
Below are a couple recipes you might want to try.    Or if you prefer we do have a few uplifting "Made Fresh for you" massage oils you can use too. 



A  Cheerful Pick me up Blend

if you're feeling a little "down".
2 Tablespoons -  Jojoba
8 drops - Lavender
8 drops - Ylang ylang
2 drops - Basil
2 drops - Geranium
2 drops - Bergamot FCF
Mix above ingredients in a small PET bottle 
Then apply a small amount on back of hands and enjoy.
Use 2 - 3 times daily or as desired.

A Clean Citrus Scented Air Freshener
15 drops Lavender
10 drops Orange
10 drops Lemon
10 drops Grapefruit
6 drops Lime
3 drops Nutmeg
2 ounces Room Spray Base
Emulsifier 4-5 ml
Blend all the Essential oils in a spray bottle,  Next add the emulsifier blend well. 
Once the essential oils and emulsifier are well mixed add the Room Spray base. Shake well to blend and before spraying.


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