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Clearance Items - Inventory Reduction - Close-outs & Discontinued items

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The items in this category include items are being discontinued or items the manufacturer has discontinued so we cannot get more stock. 

INVENTORY REDUCTION - Included here are products that we no longer need for packaging products that we used to sell in these containers. i.e. the Jars and bottles.  We no longer need them and figured many of you might find them handy for your projects, your kitchen, garage or who knows what else you might use them for.   The Bottles & Jars are all brand new, ready for you to use. 

It is First come, first checkout, as many of these, there is only ONE available.  
If you try to purchase multiple of an item and you have exceeded the quantity available you will get a warning on the "View Cart" page to reduce the quantity of that particular item to continue.  It will will shown in Highlighted Red.  Simply substract a few items and update the cart. 

These items are BRAND NEW unused items, although some were used for demonstration purposes, some were gently used. 

However, If an item was used as a demo it is marked as such and so, the package will have been opened and used.   

ITEMS in this Category - are not returnable nor are they refundable. 
Some of them will not be eligible for free shipping.   (It will state in the description of the page if it is NOT eligible for free shipping) 

SpaScenter - Sand
Spa Scenter Fan Diffuser - CLEARANCE #16

3 available
our color choice

Clover Guest Soap mold
Guest Size Clover Soap Mold CLEARANCE #18

This has a crack along the top where the hanging hole is. Otherwise it is fine. 

1/3 oz BLUE PAINTED Roll On


Starting At $3.99
1/4 oz Natural LDPE Plastic Sampler bottle
1/4 oz LDPE bottles

Clearance Item

Package of 6 bottles

Trigger Spray topped 8 oz bottle
8 oz Trigger Sprayer Bottle

For all your Spraying needs.

Candle Wicks
Candle Wicks

Prewaxed - 6" with 20mm tab.

Package of 10 wicks & 10 stickum tabs

Flexus Large Rectangle Mold
Flexus Large Rectangle Mold

CLOSE OUT - Clearance

Flexus Thank You Mold
Flexus Thank You Mold

CLOSE OUT - Clearance

Frosted White Glass Tubes
Frosted White Glass Tubes

Glass Replacement Tubes for Several of the Ambience Diffusers

Other uses too - be creative

Orange Glass Replacement Tubes
Orange Glass Tubes

Replacement Tubes
Other uses too - be creative


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