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Aroma Mist Diffuser CLEARANCE #8

AromaMist with Cover off
AromaMist Adding Water
AromaMist adding Essential oils
AromaMist - Misting
AromaMist - Misting
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AromaMist™ Humidifying Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser  CLEARANCE #8

ONLY 2 left - NO BOXES or INSTRUCTIONS - Are in a Ziplock bag
These were used for demonstation purposes. Work really well as were barely used at all. 

Not Returnable nor refundable, sold as is. 

This diffuser is 6 1/4" in diameter and stands 3 1/4" high.

This Aromatherapy Diffuser is perfect for those times when you also need a little moisture in the room.

This unit does not use any heat.  The Ultrasonic element produces a powerful stream of healthy humidification and when you add essential oils of your choice you get the benefits they provide too.

Unlike some Ultrasonic diffusers you will see the mist coming from this machine.  

With the 1/2 cup of tap or bottled water (cool) to the max fill line.  It will last about 3 hours.   For many folks this is the perfect amount of time.

If you need more diffusing.  Simply refill with up to 1/2 cup of water and add more essential oils.

 This diffuser comes with an AC Adapter that is UL, CUL, CE approved.  

Do not run unit without water added.   And always add essential oils to the water - not the other way around.

HOW TO USE:  Full operating instructions included with purchase

Highlights of use are:

This diffuser is very easy to use.  Simply take off the cover, add 1/2 cup cool tap or bottled water, add a few drops of essential oils.

Replace the cover.  Plug in the AC adaptor and turn on the Misting switch push button.  

This Diffuser will automatically shut off when the water is gone.  It will not run without water.  So make sure you add water then the essential oils and then turn on.

If you want the 'lights' to show you can turn on that switch too by simply pushing the button.

Push it Once for a multi-color changing sequence, or push again for continuous blue, once again for continuous pink or once again to turn all lighting off.

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