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Cupcake Mist Diffuser CLEARANCE #15

Cupcake Mist Diffuser
Cupcake Mist Diffuser
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Cupcake Mist Diffuser CLEARANCE #15
only one available

This was used for demonstation purposes.  

Not Returnable nor refundable, sold as is. 

This fun and simple diffuser uses Ultrasonic vibrations to make a scented mist.

This is small space saving diffuser perfect for rooms up to 150 sq ft.  It is a compact size measuring approximately 4" high and 4 1/2" in diameter.

To Use:  Simply pour up to 80 ml (less than 2.7 fluid ounces) of water into the tank. Add 2-3 drops of essential oils replace the cupcake cover and turn on. 

The 1st push of the ON switch will will produce a continous mist and rotating lights.

2nd push will produce a continuous mist and freeze a color

3rd push will produce continuous mist, lights will be off.

4th push - will turn the unit off.

NOTE:  There is an automatic shut off once all the water is used up.  

The diffuser will mist up to 5 hours depending on several factors, one of the factors is the existing humidity level in the room.

The Cupcake diffuser is powered by a USB cable (can be used in any USB port)  or a special AC adapter to plug into a wall outlet.  

Both the USB cable and AC adapter are included!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kathleen J, 04/11/2018

I bought this diffuser just for myself with the intention of taking it to work, but its in my kitchen and has seriously cheered me up from our New England blues! I love it and it works perfectly!