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Rinsing Bottle

Rinse Bottle
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SKU: Rinse bottle
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Rinsing Bottle

Everyone needs to have a handy bottle filled with alcohol for the final rinse when cleaning your glassware.

This plastic bottle has a curved tube so you don't need to tip the bottle upside down to squirt the liquids out. You simply just squeeze the bottle and the liquid comes out of the extended tube.

This plastic bottle holds 8 oz of liquid - water or alcohol for use in rinsing your glassware.

When ever we find a product is in demand and we then purchase in larger quantities we will also drop the prices to you! And that is just what has happened with these Rinse Bottles. You have told us you want them and so we purchased in much larger quantities and were able to drop the price considerably. We both win!!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by J C, 08/14/2019

This is one of my favorite tools. I would not go without it. I use alcohol to sanitize my tools and work matts. This little gem makes it a breeze! I love this product! I highly recommend it as part of your blending tools.