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Clementine Essential Oil
Citrus clementina

Country of origin: Italy
Part used:  Peel
Extracted:  Cold Pressed

As you can see, Clementine is a member of the Citrus fruit family.   In particular the Mandarin and Tangerine fruits.

Clementine EO has a sweet,  floral scent, yet is fresh and crisp, like both the above citrus fruits but yet, it has a 'softer' side too.

Just like Mandarin and Tangerine, Clementine EO is an emotional balancer. 

It is uplifting for your spirits yet can provice a sedative, calming and relaxing effect that for some folks may help them with fatigue and insomnia.

This essential oil is BEST used Inhaled.

Caution: This essential oil is mildly Phototoxic, therefore you should not apply this essential oil to the skin or mixed with skin products if you will be exposed to sunlight or UV light with in several hours after application.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Tracy , 04/13/2018

This smells amazing!! It has a more full bodied smell than tangerine. Deeper richer. Maybe a tad sweeter?

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