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Welcome to our Coupon Page!  

Everyone Loves Coupons!   I know I do.  Hey, when ever you can save a dollar or two - hey it's a dollar or two saved.

Just like your Neighborhood store you can see a selection of a few coupons.   And so we too, will offer a few different ones.     You will need to see which one will work for you.  You will need to read through the requirements before using the coupon code for those items. 

REMEMBER - Only one coupon can be used per order.   

Our Shopping Cart will only allow one coupon to be used at a time per order.   

So we suggest you read through the listing of Coupons (and their Codes)  and Choose the ONE that will best fit the items in your Shopping Cart.

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Minimum Purchase - $49.99

USE Coupon Code:  FreeTealight

Get  Marbled Heart Moss GreenTealight Diffuser & unscented Mini Tart  for Free  - Valued at $8.99

The Coupon code will automatically add the FREE Item in the cart WHEN you meet the minimum requirement.

Do not add this item to your cart PRIOR to using the coupon code - unless you wish to purchase an extra item.



Minimum Purchase - $109.99


USE Coupon Code:  Save5

Get  $5.00 off your Purchase


Minimum Purchase - $134.99

USE Coupon Code:  Save7

Get  $7.50 off your Purchase - must include One bottle (any size) of a Synergy Blend


 Minimum Purchase - $149.99

USE Coupon Code:  Save10

Get  $10.00 off your Purchase - must include One bottle (any size) of a Essential oil Single note



Rule 1:  Only ONE COUPON per Order

Rule 2:  You must Choose Wisely - Read the description of the Coupons and it's requirements.  

Rule 3:  You must enter in the coupon Code and Apply it to your order.   Once you click Apply - you will see the Discount or the free item listed in your View Cart and during Checkout review.   If you don't see it you didn't meet the requirements.

Rule 4 Do not call or e-mail to have a coupon added to an already placed order.  They cannot be applied retro-actively, nor can they be switched out with another coupon.    (This means - No, We cannot add them to your order.)

Rule 5:  Coupons cannot be used on Phone orders (sorry). 


To Apply a Coupon simply enter the Coupon Code in the Coupon Code Space on the "View Cart" Page.  Then Click on the Apply button.   If the coupon is valid (and you entered it correctly) you will see the discount amount to the right.  OR if you have an error, the page will display an error message near the top of the page.  

Alternately you can enter a Coupon code on the "Checkout" page, but we do suggest you apply it on the "View Cart" Page.

If you choose to apply it on the "Checkout" page you will need to make sure you have logged in OR filled in the Billing and Shipping information completely.   Then scroll down until you find the Coupon Code space.  Type in the code and APPLY IT.

You can then choose your Shipping method and Your Payment method.   Then Click on the Submit button.

NOTE: We are no longer allowed to combine orders that you place in close succession.  Each PayPal and Credit Card transaction must have it's own unique Shipping tracking numbers.   So be aware that if you place more than one order within a few minutes/hours/or a day, each will be shipped by itself. 

We reserve the right to modify or discontinue this program at any time. We reserve the right to make changes to this program without advance notice.

You may get a Coupon code in one of our E-mail notices - so be sure to sign up to get all of our Newsletters, Sales, Tips and Deal of the Day Notices!   (See the sign up link in the upper left hand column,)  

When we do have a Coupon  -  you will be notified by e-mail.   So be sure to Sign up for all sales and notices when you place an order.  And be sure to sign up for our Weekly Newsletter.

When there are no coupons, Look below for GREAT Deals; such as  "On Sale" Items.  
These may give you bigger and better discounts than the amounts we offer on a Coupon.

So browse through our Online Catalog and watch for Sale items or use the helpful links below to see all our 'Sale items"  

Please See our  Clearance items Click Here  and  New Arrivals Click Here  for Special prices and discounts throughout the store.   And one more place too Specials - which are current newly listed


When we do have a Coupon  - you will be notified by e-mail if you have signed up to get a coupon or sales notices.   So be sure to Sign up for all sales and notices when you place an order.  And be sure to sign up for our Weekly Newsletter.

Note: Coupons are shown on your Receipt as a total 'discount'.