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25 Years Anniversary Inhalers

Deluxe Inhalers
Deluxe Inhalers
Deluxe Inhalers - not all colors are available
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Anniversary Celebration Special Item
Thank you to all our Customers for the past 25 years!

You have helped make our business grow!

To say  Thank You, you can get this Beautiful Deluxe  Inhaler - Prefilled with our MOST popular Essential oils or Blends  - See the list below (or order above).     

We are discounting these - Pre-filled Inhalers by 30-35% off our regular price.  (see below)

Limited time offer - so don't delay in purchasing.

FIRST - Choose the Color of the inhaler but since they are all beautiful and elegant you won't be disappointed.   See the color choices above in the photos -  Seven have removable bottles meaning you can change the essential oils when you need to. Not shown is the Lavender Matte finished inhaler.  
There are 4 choices that do not have removable bottle but will come with a pipette for you to use for future filling.

THEN - Choose the Essential oil or Blend you want pre-filled in the Inhaler your chose.

The Regular price of the Deluxe inhalers are $9.99 (removable bottle style in Red, Sky Blue, Gold, Matte Lavender, Shiny Blue, Dark Blue and Magenta) or $8.69 (no removable bottle in Black, Burgundy, Silver and Pewter) without anything added.  We are adding the essential oils or blends for you for a discount price during our Anniversary celebration.  

Each is filled with 1/2 mL or more of essential oils!  This will give you several weeks/months worth of inhaling.  Then simply add more essential oils or blends as needed.  

These are the DELUXE inhalers  -  prefilled with your choice of one of the following blends:

Most of these are valued with the Essential oil or Synergy blend at well over $20.00 - But as you will see when you make your selection they will range in price from $9.99 to $13.99.  

Allergy Tamer Scented Deluxe Inhaler 
Anxiety Stop Scented Deluxe Inhaler 
Sleep Like a Baby Scented Deluxe Inhaler
Calming Scented Deluxe Inhaler
Easy Breath Scented Deluxe Inhaler 
Four Robbers Scented Deluxe Inhaler
Immunity Builder Scented Deluxe Inhaler
Lavender Scented Deluxe Inhaler
Peppermint Scented Deluxe Inhaler 
Relaxing Scented Deluxe Inhaler 

When you need to,  simple add more of one of those blends to your inhaler and you are ready to go again for several more weeks! 

OR  If you have the removable bottle style inhaler you can remove the cotton rod and use another essential oil or blend of your choice!

Want to order more than one of a different Color or Scent.  
Simply make your choices one by one and add to Cart. 
Adjust quanities as needed, if for instance, you are purchasing for gifts.

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