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Aromatherapy Dots and Super Lavender 5ml

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Aromatherapy Dots and Super Lavender 5ml

You get one of each of these in this deal!

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Aromatherapy Lapel Dots TM

Package of 10

The Lapel dots TM are a unique way to use essential oils and aromatherapy that is very personal.

Sold in Packages of 10 'dots' with a fine tipped pipette included.

MORE INFO:  For Complete information about Aromatherapy Lapel dots visit here

This method of diffusing is helpful for use when you want or need to use essential oils in your own personal space for a 3-4 hour (or longer) period of time.  This method can be used so you will not be bothering others around you with other types of diffusers.

Simply apply by peeling off the protective backing from the ‘sticky’ side of the Lapel dot TM.   Stick onto a collar (underside will work) or lapel or upper portion of your blouse or shirt. 

Lavender, Bulgarian Super Essential Oil
Lavandula angustifolia

Country of origin: Bulgaria
Part used: Flower
Processed: Steam Distilled
Color: colorless to light yellow
Smell: high penetrating grassy-minty-camphoraceous floral odor
Note: Top note     
Shelf Life: up to 48 months

Blends with: most oils, especially citrus and florals, cedarwood, clove, pine, vetiver, patchouli and more

This is a special distillation of Lavender Bulgarian.

It has superb qualities of this most versatile essential oil.

CLICK HERE for the Lavender Essential Oil Profile

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