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Balsam Fir and Protect Me Blend

Balsam Fir & Protect Me
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Balsam Fir Needle 10ml  & Protect me Blend 10ml

This deal gets you both bottles.

More Info 

 Balsam Fir Needle
(Abies Balsamea)
Country of origin: Canada
Part used: Needles and Twigs
Steam Distilled

Protect Me! ™ Blend
A blend of:  oregano, cistus, frankincense, hyssop, ravensara, clove bud, cumin, blue tansy
Protect Me! blend is a combination of several great oils to help 'protect' you and your family from all those nasty little germs.
As many essential oils have varying degrees of antibacterial, antiviral and other germicidal properties, the oils in this blend makes it even more synergistic against these bad fellows.
Suggested use
Mix in a base or carrier oil before applying to the chest, neck and throat (use in a 2% dilution) or simply diffuse into the air.

Our PROTECT ME! ™ BLEND has the most of the same oils as is found in another multilevel marketing companies ImmunPower ™ blend. Our blend is made with the high Therapeutic quality oils.
It is made from 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OILS.
If you want to dilute it down (and of course you should if you are going to use it on your skin) you may do so using your favorite carrier oil, lotion, or other base products.
Our pricing is much lower than their version and we have more sizes to choose to fit your budget.





Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Robin , 10/11/2017

This review is about Protect Me - I bought this one and like it but it is definitely strong-smelling. There is a strong cumin and oregano smell to it so I applied it with carrier oil to my feet when I had a bad cold. I think it helped. I like this one because I'm from Texas and love Tex-Mex food and this one reminds me of home! Love the Cumin smell. Reminds me of enchiladas. The oils in this blend will definitely knock out the germs.