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Case & Labels

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Storage Case & Bottle Top Cap Labels

A wonderful wooden storage case that holds 28 bottles of essential oils and a set of 108 Single Essential oils Labels and 108 for Synergy blends or your own creations. 

 This deal gets you all!

Storage boxes for Storing your Essential oils

If you have only one or two bottles of essential oils you probably won't need anything to store your oils in but when you get several bottles of those precious oils you will want to keep them in a safe and organized place.

We looked long and hard and finally found a box that will work for you to store your essential oils.  This box holds 10ml and 5ml bottles but can also hold smaller bottles too.


Storing your Essential oils and Synergy blend bottles in a box is great. And is wonderful that you are protecting them from light and heat.

But searching through each bottle having to pick each one up to find out which bottle of oil you need can be painstaking. (Not to mention aggravating).

These are Sticky Labels and fit perfectly on top of our 5ml, 10 mL, 30 mL and 50 mL bottles.  They are 3/4" in diameter. 

They come printed with Black Colored Ink on Waterproof polyester paper.

 You can easily color the labels using a Highlighter pen - and as you know these pens come in a rainbow of colors!

The waterproof paper these labels are printed on only comes in white so you will need to color them with a highlighter pen if you want to 'high light' a specific label.  As I have done with one to show you what it looks like.

A Set of Both the Essential Oil and Synergy Blend Labels include one sheet each of the Essential Oil AND the Synergy Blend Labels.  216 labels total

Single Note Essential oils we sell. 108 labels total - 106 are printed - and two blanks ones.

Synergy blends we sell along with a several blank labels for you to hand write your own blends on. 108 labels total on the sheet - 67 printed & 33 blank

We suggest you clean your bottle caps with a cloth dampened with a little alcohol to remove any oily residues (including finger prints) and letting dry thoroughly prior to applying the labels.

HELPFUL HINT: Write the date that you OPENED the bottle the first time. That way you will know how long it has been since you first purchased it and will help you to determine if the oil is at it's freshest or if you should replace it.

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