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Clary Sage & Courage Blend

Clary Sage & Courage Blend
Clary Sage & Courage Blend
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Clary Sage 5ml  & Courage Blend 5 ml

 These essential oils may be very helpful for women as they go through their monthly cycles and have to deal with many emotional situations causing undue stress and misery.   These are helpful even if you don't need them for hormonal swings.  They are wonderful no matter when you use them.

And we haven't forgotten that men enjoy these scents too!

 This deal gets you 1 each of both bottles.

Clary Sage Essential Oil
Salvia sclarea

Country of origin: USA
Part used: flower
Grown: Cultivated
Processed: Steam Distilled
Color: colorless to pale-yellowy green
Smell: sweet, nutty-herbaceous scent
Note: Middle to top note 
Shelf Life: up to 24 months

Blends with: juniper, geranium, lavender, sandalwood, cedarwood, frankincense, citrus oils

This colorless to pale yellow essential oil has a sweet herbaceous and nutty like scent.  Some even say it has a winelike scent.


Courage ™ Blend

A blend of: Spruce, Rosewood (sustainable source), Blue Tansy, Frankincense & German Chamomile

This is a wonderful blend. It has oils to instill courage, to help build your self esteem and give you the confidence you will need.

It will help you become victorious over the daily challenges you may face. You will be graced with VALOR.

Suggested use:
Use in a Personal inhaler or mix 6-10 drops in 1 ounce of a light carrier oil and put a few drops on your pulse points as needed throughout the day.

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