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Clovebud Essential Oil & Inspiration Blend

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Clove Bud - 10 ml & Inspiration Blend  10 ml

You get one bottle of each of these in this deal!
Sorry NO Substitutions. 

More Info:

Clove Bud
(Eugenia caryophyllus)

Country of origin: Indonesia
Part used: Bud
Steam Distilled


The Forest Scent
Spruce - 10 drops
Lavender - 3 drops
Clove bud 3 drops
Rosemary - 3 drops
Patchouli - 1 drop

Blend all together and use in any diffuser.


Inspiration Blend

A blend of:  mandarin, lemon, bergamot fcf, tangerine, lime, litsea cubeba, lemongrass and fir needle

Need some Inspiration? Are you looking for something to stimulate your brain cells? Try this wonderful blend of essential oils.

This is light refreshing blend to help stimulate your thought processes and inspire you as you become more creative.

Suggested use:
Use in a diffuser for a few minutes prior to your brain storming.

Don't use this blend before bedtime - unless you wish to stay up a while. Your thought processes are being stimulated by this blend.

This oil is for use in Diffusing-inhalation. Use in any diffuser, inhaler or jewelry.

Do not apply to the skin, even if diluted, if sun exposuree is possible due to the citrus oils in this blend.


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